This New Year again I thank God!




The moment I was born, I had Cried!

Now I know otherwise,   I would have Died !!


The burden of Ambition, Competition & Comparison, which I had always carried!

But now I know that I was complete in fact when I had just arrived!!


I thank God … because…

I could see, smell, taste & hear right from the beginning !


As now I know that, in many on this Earth, capabilities such as these are still missing!!


I thank God … because…


Till now, everything I did, my happiness was subject to my winning!


But I know now that, Happiness is just to love & be Loving  !!


I thank God… because…


When as a child, I fell down again & again, before I learnt to Walk!


As I know now that,

Although parents were holding my hand, But it was I who myself Taught!!


I thank God … because…


Things beyond my reach, I could never get, it was what I was taught!


But now I know that, as a child, I often took a risk & always managed to get things beyond my Cot!!


I thank God… because…


When I couldn’t keep my parents happy, even when I worked Overtime!


As now I know that they were in cloud nine,

For the poems which I could barely Rhyme!!


I thank God… because…


Although the Sun, Wind & Stars are the same!


But now I know that,

Life & Living happily is altogether a different Game!!


I thank God … because…


My heart is beating continuously without my awareness!


And nobody can blame me now,

That I am careless!!