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January 2018

Parenting: Touch, Feel and let them Grow

By Arbind Kumar Khushboo is a housewife, and her marvelous journey of parenting and shaping personalities of her children is unique. She faced difficulties in dealing with growing children, sometimes wept, and prayed to God to have adaptive technique, to… Continue Reading →


. Relationships: Introduction: In earth there are different type of living beings like herbivore carnivore, herbivore depend on carnivore and carnivore depend on vegetarian food but human being is intellectually good he know what is good and bad he live… Continue Reading →

Fair Enough?

SCENE 001 / POOJA’s BED ROOM / EVENING A Man (Navin), in his thirties, smoking near the balcony, near the bed room or window near the bedroom; A scattered bed is partially visible. He is just wearing boxer type jockey… Continue Reading →

The Empty and meaningless Life

Do you ever wonder how life got so complicated? Do you ever wish for simplicity in life, just like it was when we were kids? By the way kids today have a pretty complicated life themselves so, just think it… Continue Reading →


By C T JOSHI, Senior Journalist, Bengaluru It was a “modern day miracle”, brought about not by traditions or superstitions or by any unknown or supernatural power. But by the complex and incomprehensible human mind. And those involved in it were… Continue Reading →

Pick the emotional thread, bridge your gap

“Emotional relationship is beautiful, it is endless, it is full and yet seems empty.” BY Arbind Kumar It is easy to sense outer world, but is highly difficult to understand inner amazing world, the self. When I close my eyes,… Continue Reading →

Our life is manifestation of our thoughts

Wherever we are in life now we must have it in our thoughts before. As the saying goes everything happens twice in life, first in thoughts and second in reality. So thought is the starting point. Question is how it… Continue Reading →

Entrepreneurial Engineering

Ask yourself these questions: Do I want to stay within my city or join a metro city? Do I believe that people in metro city are smarter? I feel lack of career guidance in current educational system? Do I care… Continue Reading →

“I don’t care”

These words come like a blow when we hear it from our loved and trusted ones. Sometimes explicitly and at times implicitly. This one sentence robs the listener of trust, stability, mental peace and sense of security that any relationship… Continue Reading →


“One of the oldest and most generous tricks that the universe plays on human beings is to bury STRANGE JEWELS within us all and then stand back to see if WE CAN EVER FIND THEM”- Elizabeth Gilbert What is ‘MAGIC’?… Continue Reading →

Shankara Philosophy

According to Bhagavad Geetha, God says, ‘Whenever Dharma (righteousness) is disturbed, Adharma (Villainy) quickly fills its place. Then I am obliged to intervene’. He may do so by directly descending as an avatar or by infilling certain chosen persons to… Continue Reading →

Curing Aarti

Shopping Mania Aarti had a ‘one stop solution ‘for all her problems – shopping. She “shopped till she dropped” would be a metaphor befitting her status. She would be seen leaving the malls, her maid, and her driver following her… Continue Reading →

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