Pick the emotional thread, bridge your gap

Pick the emotional thread, bridge your gap

“Emotional relationship is beautiful, it is endless, it is full and yet seems empty.”

BY Arbind Kumar

It is easy to sense outer world, but is highly difficult to understand inner amazing world, the self. When I close my eyes, deep focus, and converge all feelings, thought, emotions and energy inward, I see a glowing and fully energetic world, as powerful as GOD Shiva. Planet Earth is the only one in our Milky Way to have vibrant and amazing world of life. More than six billion people live on this planet, and each one of them carry different amazing world inside!

All humans have the same set of DNA, 22 pairs, but coding is not same.  We write biographies, speak about ourselves, past-present and many more. If science succeeds in deciphering code inside (DNA) and we match the message we write in our biographies, will that be same?

Yes, mind is the master.

Damasio says, ‘Our mind is not designed like a computer to enable us of a rational printout, for and against any decision in life. Mind is more elegant; it weighs emotional bottom line, before it arrives at any decision’.

Sense of the right and wrong flows parallel to the feelings. We have feelings all about thinking, remembering, saying, interacting etc. We also create emotional line for each one from weak to strong. It is very clear that thought and feeling are inextricably interwoven; therefore runs parallel to one another. Feeling begets different levels of thought in different people. That is why, an event got revolutionized by Mahavir centuries ago, and the result was Jainism. The emotional part of brain is different from that of thinking brain. Emotional brain is more important in making bond stronger, and is considered more productive.

We have a different set of emotional line for each relation/interaction/work. This regulates social fabric well, in every society. Our views, ideas, and beliefs are concerned with three types of realities. First is objective reality, in which things exist but we discover those at a particular point of time. For example Newton discovered gravity, but long before it was a reality. Apple was always coming down due to gravity, and gravity is the integral part of Earth. There is nothing as such to discover in this, but what is important is that Newton was the first to explain this reality before us.

Second is subjective reality, that is quite personal. Suppose I have pain in my head and I visit a doctor to get it cured. Doctor checks me and advises some medicine, but finding no relief, I visit again. This time, the doctor advises me to have blood test, sugar test, MRI etc, and on the basis of that report advises some set of medicines. In spite of all this I don’t have relief, because this is quite personal.

Third is inter-subjective reality, that depends on communication between two or more persons rather than beliefs and feelings. Money, for example, we can’t eat, drink or do anything with it, because it has no any objective reality. Billion people believe in the value it has. We can use it to buy a number of things. These three reality forms complete life (inner and outer) of amazing our world.

Our mind needs to adapt in rapidly changing world. Over the time, character, personality, soft skill, competency and now emotional intelligence, is widely talked about. In our personal life, at office and at any common place, inter-subjective level of emotion is a prerequisite.

Some emotional bottom line that decides our way – Remember – if emotional or psychological issues persist longer, they might affect health; feeling and thought, as they are linked to specific body parts. Mantra; address the problem, never avoid.

Emotional level; if you want to connect to anybody, weigh emotional line. Try to go beyond feelings and ideas. This is crucial, in developing any relationship with anybody. Mantra; this is important in carrying out work smoothly.

Empathy; this is one of the most endearing and resonating things. Pay attention to the emotion, you will have closer relationship. Mantra; It will help you to land in the heart of any person.

Connect emotionally; share some moments, belief, experiences in your own life where you went through similar situation. Mantra; thus you can successfully bridge the gap and will have connecting relationship.

Sensitivities; develop art of speaking in touching words and sensible body language. Mantra; No words, larger communications.

Humor; this works like a safety valve relieving covert tensions in the mind. There are many festivals in our country having similar views behind. Mantra;  this rebuilds broken relationship.

Most important; mind and body are inter-linked. Mind can heal body and vice-versa.


Shreyansh Posted on6:18 am - Jan 18, 2018


Sulekha Posted on1:55 pm - Jan 18, 2018

Nice post Arbind! Emotions should be addressed than avoided. I like that. Nice description and diagramatic presentation of three realities. Many people would benefit from the examples given.

Leslie Posted on11:01 am - Jan 19, 2018

Superbly written

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