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February 2018

When Spiritualism Goes Glitzy And Glamorous…

By C T Joshi, Senior Journalist, Bengaluru  A publicity-crazy religious-spiritual leader recently appeared as a half-clad wrestler in a  wrestling pose in a TV advertisement. It was cheap and laughable, undignified and unbecoming of his position in society. There is a… Continue Reading →

Society: Present and the Future

Varaaha Series by B S Ranganath Came across an essay entitled ‘The heart rending elegy: Many mothers of Kashmir’ by Syeda Hamid. Its narration, in a deceptive tone, points out how the cheer in praise of all merciful God Allah turns… Continue Reading →


By PRATIBHA BADURKAR   Life is unpredictable! Saddened by the untimely demise of noted actor..! The sudden death of veteran actor reveals uncertainty of life! The fragility of life is proved again…! Newspapers, social media, TV channels were flooded with… Continue Reading →

Can Corruption and Bribery be Eradicated from India?

Corruption is a serious malice I had read in the Civics subject text-book in class five, and I continue to believe so. So do we all. We’ve always spoken against corruption, cursed the authorities and the babus practicing it religiously… Continue Reading →

Discovery of Northeast India

Why did we plan a trip to the Northeast? As in the case of any good job, there are many reasons. My friends will, however, be quick to pick up the most important reason of all – my DW [Darling… Continue Reading →

Life with real values

By Rajgopalan Ramchandran To attain purpose of life with real values, one must be spiritual. How can we nurture our soul? We have to nourish it with love of self, love for others.  It is said that when there is love… Continue Reading →

  This promises to be among the bluntest reviews I have written; I don’t mean to state I wont do justice to it – that I will, most certainly so. But in this particular book, there is no scope, to… Continue Reading →

‘Simply Fly’ a book By Capt GR Gopinath, that impresses and inspires

By Jayanth Ramanujam This is simply one of the best books that I have ever read. I saw this book for the first time in Crossword. As is my practice, I glanced through the blurb (back cover) to see if… Continue Reading →

Book Review: ‘PITCH IT’, Dev Prasad’s volume, i.e. dearer to me

By Jayanth Ramanujam I had seen this book a couple of times, both at the airport, while I was waiting to board my flight. On both these occasions, I had just glanced cursively through the blurb and kept it back… Continue Reading →

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence and Behaviour Management In Educational Institutes

Emotional Intelligence and Behaviour Management for educational institutions. Or Education in Human Values Practical intelligence in all the areas of life, be it financial, commercial, technical, mechanical, procedural, are abundant in our world. Yet humanity’s greatest problems have not lessened… Continue Reading →


This is the first part of an ongoing series on Agriculture – specifically Profits from Farming. This article is the first in the series, and first appeared elsewhere 3plus years ago. This series is targeted at the average Urban Indian,… Continue Reading →

Erasing the past & generating a better future

Travel through Time We need to forget our past which is generally of little significance except some lessons to be learned. Forgetting the past seems a rather arduous task to accomplish as it keeps projecting itself in the form of… Continue Reading →

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