Being a mother of two, one two-legged human offspring and another four-legged adopted offspring, I am privileged enough to see hopefulness and optimism all around in abundance.

We all know children are amazingly optimistic people; they are firm believers that we need all around us. Interestingly, our four-legged daughter, the golden retriever – Whiskey, is the most optimistic among them. My daughter would still give up sometimes, but Whiskey will never ever give up.

Her favorite food is kept on the table, but she is not allowed to pick it up from there! So what? Whiskey always finds her way through it. Someone else is eating something that she wants a bite; she will sit in front of them with the most innocent face ever and wait patiently for them to get melted with her innocent looks! She will figure out a way to win our hearts, that too without barking… She wants to retrieve the tennis ball from the bushes in the walkway, but no one is allowing her to go! She will silently sit down and refuse to leave from there. She wants her toy to be given to her, she will figure out a way for that.

Isn’t it amazing to see that not only Whiskey but invariably every animal is utterly optimistic naturally? They believe totally in what they need or do. They believe in the generosity of our mother nature, our universe. They never stress upon where will they get their next meal from, where will they get shelter, whether they will be successful or not, whether their family, friends, their masters will like them or not!

For a strict and idealist mother like me it becomes super challenging to handle not one, but two overly optimistic children around. Because NO is for an answer. NO always gets challenged with more ideas, other options, alternatives or negotiations. However, who wanted a mundane motherhood anyway… I love being surrounded by this fierce optimism. It keeps me on my toes, my brain active and creative at all times. It’s a hilarious conversation in the house when these two kiddos start, their “Not taking NO for an answer” rants… One talks in human language, the other wails in doggy language!

However, for us humans, especially the more we grow up we somehow lose this natural behavioral trait of ours. We become so engrossed in mundane things of life that we forget the basics.

Sometimes I wonder, what happens to us adults, as we grow up?

Where does our optimism run away?

Where do our conviction and confidence vanish?

Why do we lose what was naturally ours?

We slowly start getting tamed. We start taking NO for an answer. We give in without even putting up a decent fight! And eventually, it becomes a norm. It becomes ok to be pessimistic and think just NOTHING can happen to us! We are going to stay ever so useless! We choose to stay in our failure, sadness, disappointment, grief etc. forever. We simply stop thinking about options. We become like that horse, which has been blinded by blinders around its eyes… so that it can’t stray. The training we have received since childhood, to be in control, stops us from being optimistic. It stops us from seeing possibilities within challenges… it handicaps us.

It’s high time we get our breakthrough and see things in the new light, do things that make us alive again, that helps us bring the zest for life back. It’s high time to be truly optimistic about life… It’s high time to LIVE LIFE and not just survive!