Aparigraha is the art of what is needed. Truly applied it is a great freedom for the practitioner and distills all our material and psychological possessions down to what we need. By Paul Dallaghan

Since I spent a lot of time with Jain Monks before and during many meditation camps conducted by my Living Master, I learned one fundamental spiritual law / universal truth related to APARIGRAHA which is being observed by almost all Jain monks.

The principle of Aparigraha: Do not collect, hoard or accumulate anything. As every act of possessing /owning implies lack of faith in God (little insecurity and worry for future). And it makes the life of possessor little complex as those objects under his possession need his attention and some kind of management (space/ security/verification/distribution …) which can affect the basic spiritual practice of detachment (vairagya). A truly enlightened being doesn’t hoard or accumulate anything but believes firmly that everything he really needs for ‘simple living’ will come to him by itself at the proper time.

In the presence of a true Master, the seeker will develop ‘ Vairagyabhav ‘ (dispassion). This is the initial state wherein seeker starts feeling detached from all objects -living or non-living. This is the first virtue of Master a seeker will develop in His presence. Eventually, vairagyabhav will evolve into the practice of aparigraha (non-grasping / non-possessiveness) wherein seeker will start renouncing all excesses related to material objects, wealth, relationships, emotions, and memory.

In the service of Divine with faith!