The Better world ….It starts with you

The Better world ….It starts with you

The Better world ….It starts with you

Generally it is seen that many young children are getting de-tracked from their path and indulge in wrong company and even some teenagers covertly get married at a very young age causing a huge damage to the reputation of their families and to their own career as well.  They become the reason for slandering the name and fame of their families.  People in general start blaming such children without understanding the reason or logic behind their wrong doing.  They become judgemental immediately after they come to know that so and so child has done some shameful or disgraced act at a very tender age.  Sometimes, in such cases, people sympathise with the family but mostly they condemn and blame not only these children but also their parents as well.  However, in many a cases, families as well as people around, dissolve their relationships with such children, boycotting them forever. 

Although, I am not any psychologist or any expert but I have noticed that the children,  who are deprived of parent’s love, care and attention and who have witnessed violence right from their childhood in their houses are more prone to attract any type of negativity or indulge in any wrong company or do something which slanders them and their families.  

Such children who get neglected in their own families and who don’t get the basic elements i.e. love, care, affection, attention, moral and emotional support from their own parents often get attracted and attached to anyone who provides them these basic elements and makes them a priority in his or her life.  These neglected and love deprived children feels very happy and comfortable with such a person who treats them well.  Such children prefer to spend more and more time and share their pain with that particular person for which they get acceptance in return and moreover all that they were craving for.  Such an adolescent child feels that this is the person who truly loves and understands him or her.  Now this teenager doesn’t want to lose the company of that particular person.  Hence, without thinking the consequences, he or she wants to get married to that particular person or indulge in having an illegal relationship with the said person. 

Such marriages may or may not last forever.  Moreover, these illegal relationships spoils and ruins the entire life of such children.  After some time when things go wrong and the same person cheats or betrays them and behaves as a stranger to them, they realise their mistake and regret for the same, throughout their life. 

However, on the other hand, some parent’s behave very strictly and very harshly with their children because of their control freak nature or lack of awareness, as a result of which they lose the control and confidence of their children.  Austerity of parent’s is okay but when children enters in their teens, parents must be friendly with their youngsters.  More the companionship in between parents and children, more the trust and transparency will be there in between them.  Adolescent is the age when a child needs someone to whom he or she can trust upon and to whom there is an amiable bonding to share their secrets and emotions without any hesitation.  But unfortunately, due to lack of awareness, most of the parent’s behave exactly opposite of what they should behave with their children, in this tender age, as a result of which, some children gets victim of some wrongdoing.      

Here the question is that who is to be blamed for such a painful mistake done in the expectation of love and acceptance?  There are more such questions which arise out of the negligence and deprivation of parent’s emotional and moral support to their children.

However, the violence based relationship of parent’s causes a heavy damage on mental and emotional development of a child, who unfortunately is brought up in such a miserable environment.

Also, such a vicious and toxic relationship in between a couple makes a space for either or both of them to find a partner outside their marriage, who can accommodate them in finding all the basic needs which they are not getting in their own married life.  This is the reason why extramarital affairs are on rise these days. 

Nowadays, many youth are violent and aggressive because of the flaws in their upbringing or negligence of their parent’s love or toxic relationship of their parents and because of which the following contamination has become a dangerous epidemic to our society –  

1)   Divorce cases are rapidly increasing. 

2)   Extra marital affairs have become so common.

3)   Criminal rates are rising with a rapid pace.

4)   Molestation and child abuse is spreading like a plague everywhere.

5)   Murder of family members over Property and other petty issues.

Well, all of us want to have harmony, happiness and peace in our relationships as well as in our society but the above facts cannot be taken for granted. 

Hence, a need arises to spread awareness and spirituality among the parents and their families and moreover in society as well.  Especially among those families who are having their young children at home.  Today’s children are tomorrow’s future.  So be very careful while dealing with your children and with your spouse.  If you have any type of negativity, violence or aggression in your behaviour, it is better to get yourself counselled right before your marriage otherwise you are going to spoil three lives i.e. yours, your spouse’s and your child’s life. 

To contribute to the betterment of society, you need to change yourself completely in the positive and spiritual dimensions of life.  Therefore, It all starts with you to create a better world.

Would like to have your comments below.

Meenakshi Raina
Meenakshi Raina

I, Meenakshi Raina, from "The City of Temples (जम्मू) and The Paradise on Earth (कश्मीर)" (J&K), have a great passion for Writing, Singing & Travelling. I am not any Literary expert yet having enough to write because of experiencing Life from different dimensions. I am thankful to everyone in my Life for helping me to explore myself and to feel and understand the process of Divinity. Humble Gratitude to "Infinite-Spirit". My Belief - "You can't believe in God until you believe in yourself".


Aparna Posted on6:05 am - Feb 21, 2018

It’s only we and only we who are responsible for our actions.

    Meenakshi Raina Posted on11:42 am - Feb 22, 2018

    very true @ Aparna

sulekha Posted on12:47 pm - Feb 21, 2018

Excellent ! various dimensions displayed well! true that aggression can be controlled only through spiritual teachings. If at all we raise our levels of awareness, can we be called eligible for earth.

Every sentence is a highlight, so interconnected and intricately woven! Kudos

    Meenakshi Raina Posted on11:49 am - Feb 22, 2018

    Your feedback truly matters a lot to me . You go deep to observe and to understand what actually Author wants to perceive.

    Thanks @ Sulekha.

Nitusmita Saikia
Nitusmita Saikia Posted on1:46 pm - Feb 21, 2018

very analytical. no body in particular can be blamed. violent based parents ! may be they are also victims of their own disturbed childhood . so many reasons could be there -environmental , psychological, inward and outward reasons . those who blamed or judged such act or actors may be they are also deprived of such environment where they could have learned about human feelings and pain!

beautiful article.

    Meenakshi Raina Posted on11:56 am - Feb 22, 2018

    Very true @ Nitusmita!

    Every Soul is carrying so many past birth’s habits (Sanskars).

    Everybody should try to understand that such aggressive & violent Souls are basically Victims themselves.

    Hence, nobody should be blamed as such but its a high time for each and every Soul to work on themselves to change their negative habits (Sanskars) with the help of Spirituality.

Yadvendra Jadon Posted on2:43 am - Apr 14, 2018

This is absolutely the core of the issues. Well written really.

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