Chit did the trick!!!

Chit did the trick!!!

“Meet me near the accounts office after school”, read the chit, which was thrown near Nisha’s desk, during her physics lecture in school. Nisha quickly crumpled it and put it in her pocket before the teacher could see. Janvi, her best friend noticed Nisha and asked, “What did you just pick up?” “Nothing, just picked up my eraser, which had fallen down”, Nisha said abruptly.

The school bell rang and Ms. Meenakshi left the classroom. Nisha then started searching for some hint, as to who must have thrown the chit at her. ‘Who must have called me near the accounts office, which is located at the end of the premises and why?’, Nisha thought, as her anxiety was growing by every minute.

Nisha has always been a silent, obedient and disciplined girl in school. Even in her 9th grade, she was an introvert and when it came to speak with boys, she could never muster the courage. For her, her brother was her friend, guide and philosopher, she depended on him for almost everything. She felt protected and secure, when she was with him.

Ms. Taneja, their math teacher, entered the class and Nisha was still in her thoughts, Janvi nudged her and signaled to take out her math assignment. Nisha quickly leaned down and removed her assignment, which was in her bag. When she looked up, she saw Rohit looking at her suspiciously. ‘Oh my god, is it Rohit!’, she thought. ‘Oh no! not him, please God.. He is the most notorious boy in the class and always playing pranks on everyone. Will this also be one of his prank? Nisha wondered.
“Nisha, please take all the assignments and keep it on my desk now”, said Ms. Taneja sternly. Nisha instantly got up and did as she was told. Later, she continued solving her math problems given by the teacher and kept her problem on hold for now.

As the bell rang again, it was their P.E. period, which she loved the most. This was the time she could really find out, who that person maybe. The whole class walked out quietly and went on the ground. Nisha’s eyes kept searching like a hungry hawk searches its prey. As they were walking, Sachin came running towards her and whispered, ”Nisha, come with me I want to give you something.” Nisha’s heart was in her mouth, she could not believe, it was Sachin, who had thrown the chit. She rushed behind him outrageously and said, “How dare you Sachin? How could you do such a thing? Last week you said you really liked Janvi and wanted to confess your feelings to her and now you did this? How can you?” She thundered on him. “What are you talking about? I wanted to give something to Janvi. I have made a card for her and wanted to give it to you, so you can give it to her on my behalf”, he said taking out a red, heart shaped card from his pocket. “Oh! I am sorry. I thought it was something else”. Nisha replied, taking the card from him. ‘This chit is really trying my patience now’, Nisha gasped as she reached the ground. They played for some time and went back to the class, once the P.E. period was over. Nisha’s heart was racing as it was the last period now, before the school ended. She was still not able to judge, who the person would be.

Ms. Mathews entered the classroom with a grudge on her face. It was time for the unit test paper distribution and everyone was tensed, as the paper was tough this time. Nisha hoped she scored well, as English was her favourite subject and she never missed scoring an ‘A’ in it. “Class, please be seated and the class monitors, please come and distribute the papers. Today, we will only be discussing about papers and I will clear all your doubts, if any.”, she said sitting on her chair. ‘Great, this is my last chance to find out’, Nisha thought. The class monitors were distributing the papers and everyone seemed very disappointed looking at them. Nisha kept praying, that she had done good. “Nisha, your paper”, said the monitor, giving it to her. Nisha, closed her eyes and opened it slowly, to check how much she got. “B+!!! This is not nice, but my essay was good, I had used all the new phrases taught in my tuition class”, Nisha was downhearted. “What’s your grade Nisha, did you miss your ‘A’ this time”, Aditya said smirking at her. ‘Aditya, yes he must be the one who threw the chit, he is always the one annoying me and irritating me’, Nisha thought, forgetting all about her marks, like this was the only thing bothering her the whole day’. “Nishaaa, tell me your grade”, he said again. “B+, happy to know! now go and tell everyone”, she said with an angry tone.

The English lecture was over and now her wait also would be over. She would finally know, who the person really was. She walked down the stairs and was on her way to the accounts office. ‘Oh my god!!! I have butterflies in my stomach and my heart is beating so fast, like I have run a whole marathon! Somehow, I have a bad feeling about this thing. Will he be a pervert, trying to chase me? Oh no! should I just go home, instead?’ Nisha had a million thoughts crossing her mind. She was just not able to cope with this ‘chit’ thing.

She could see the accounts office now, but no one was there. She went closer but could not see anyone and the office was also closed. She frowned and turned back and started walking towards the gate. “Nisha”, she heard her named been called. And when she looked back, she ran towards him and hugged him tightly. “Happy Valentine’s Sis!!!” It was her brother. He also studied in the same school but in the lower standard and wanted to surprise her on Valentine’s day. She remembered telling him about how everyone exchanged gifts on this day and how no one ever wished her. So he had come to surprise her, with a small pink teddy bear. “Karan!!! Thank you so much for this lovely surprise and such a cute teddy bear! But who threw the chit then? It was our physics lecture and your class is downstairs”, said Nisha still confused about the whole situation. And then Janvi came out, she was hiding behind the office wall, all this time. “I threw the chit near your desk, Karan asked me to do that and check if you have read it but you never even mentioned it”, said Janvi teasingly. “This is the best Valentine surprise ever Bro”. Nisha said hugging both her brother and her friend as they walked back home.

Brother’s hold a special place in their sister’s heart. They always know what their sister’s want without even mentioning it. That’s why they are called the ‘God-gifted Angels’ of our lives.


Tanishq Dedhia
Aparna Posted on12:09 pm - Feb 17, 2018

The story takes you down memory lane . I agree brothers and sisters do share a special bond.

    Ashita Posted on5:17 pm - Feb 18, 2018

    Thank you Aparna.. yes the best bond.. ??

Savita Posted on1:37 pm - Feb 17, 2018

Lovely and cute story . The suspense of who threw the chit was intact till the last. No doubt, relationship with a brother is the most treasured aspect of one’s life.

    Ashita Posted on3:36 pm - Feb 20, 2018

    Thank uou Savita.. ???

      Ashita Posted on3:36 pm - Feb 20, 2018

      You *

Sulekha Posted on7:06 am - Feb 18, 2018

Dear Ashita, it is such a refreshing read. School days, strictness, values, infatuation yet no heed formula. It’s perfect script for MTV. Surprise love in brother’s heart.

The highlight of the piece is “Aditya, yes he must be the one who threw the chit, he is always the one annoying me and irritating me’, Nisha thought, forgetting all about her marks, like this was the only thing bothering her the whole day’. ”

Light hearted read. Keep it up

    Ashita Posted on3:39 pm - Feb 20, 2018

    Thank you Sulekha.. Its always such a pleasure to get your positive comments.. ???

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