Corruption – A Menace to the Society!

Corruption – A Menace to the Society!

Corruption – A Menace to the Society!

Well, before discussing the word “Corruption”, we must ask the following basic questions to ourselves-

1)  Who doesn’t want to get things done at one’s ease or without wasting one’s precious time? 

2)  Who doesn’t want to get statutory and other official documents prepared without running from table to table or from department to department? 

3) Who doesn’t want their official documents delivered right at one’s doorstep or at one’s table without going anywhere?

Well, we all are in favour of the above mentioned points, right.  All of us want our tasks to be done in an easy manner, no matter, if it costs us some amount of money.   

“Corruption”, as the word describes itself, double-dealing or wrongdoing or offense etc, or anything which is done in an unlawful way is what is called Corruption.  Although, we all are very well aware of this word, but still prefer to go with this practice because we don’t want to face the hurdles and formalities set by the Government and also to save our precious time, we tend to prefer to go with this easy yet expensive practice.

Here, the question arises then what should be done to say “No” to this practice and to follow the rules & regulations set by each Government department.  Well, as a responsible citizen of India, I am going to suggest a recommendation to the Municipal Corporation Department of each state, which if adopted and followed by them, would make it easy to curb the roots of corruption from their particular department-

Recommendation to Municipal Corporation Department: –  

At the time of birth of a child, parents or guardians are asked to fill a requisite Form, which includes the details of parents, their address and other such relevant details.  There should be an additional column in this relevant Form as “Name of the Child”, which must be filled by parents before they get discharged from Hospitals/Nursing Homes.  Hence, this form must be filled very carefully by parent’s to avoid any corrections later on.  Immediately after child’s birth and after recording the necessary details of the baby, the scan copy of the said Form should be dispatched/mailed to Municipal Corporation Department, by each Nursing Home and Hospital, to register these details in their records.  The MCD after the verification & confirmation of these details, should process the preparation of Birth Certificate and dispatch the same to parent’s registered address and at the same time, it should be mailed on parent’s registered e-mail ids too. However, this practice is there but still parents are standing in long queues to obtain their child’s birth certificate because the MCD is not following the dispatching and mailing practice. 

The same practice should be adopted and followed by the MCD for processing  the Death Certificates of the deceased person.  This will give a sigh of relief to the family of the deceased person in availing his Death Certificate at their door step.  

By following this entire practice, there will be no question of bribing to agents who take the benefit of these long queues.

Although, it is impossible here to suggest each and every department as to what measures they could take or what procedures they could follow or what policies they could adopt to eradicate the roots of this disease called corruption from their particular departments but I believe that the above detailed recommendation must have given an idea to each and every government department and also to the experts who are working on this mission to make India a Corruption Free Country. 

Well, each and every one of us might have experienced many hurdles and lots of obligations in many government offices while obtaining any statutory documents or getting any legal work done.  Hence, each one of us might have imagined a better way of working for getting that particular work done while facing that situation. But we human beings are very selfish.  We think it is okay that after such a lengthy and hectic process, we could finally manage to get our work done. We take a sigh of relief by thanking God and move on in our life. We hardly bother to raise our voice against such a nostalgic system, which gives so much sufferings to the lay man and waste their precious time.  However, if at the same time, we would have managed to raise our voice to change this particular system, we would have helped so many other people who, due to their financial crisis, have no other choice but to opt for  the fair means set by the government which is not only lengthy, complicated but also time-consuming too.  If initiated at the appropriate time, we would have also stopped the shortest and easy ways of getting our government tasks done i.e. Corruption. 

Well, we can’t go back and change anything in the past.  But if we keep on ignoring this very big and serious issue and remain deaf and dumb to it, then surely it would be gifted from one generation to other.  

Therefore, it is  the high time to wake up and say “No” to corruption.  All this is possible, if all of us stands together and suggest the best possible ways to each and every Government department and make them to follow such recommendations with the help of social and electronic media. 

Hence, it becomes our duty and responsibility too to safeguard our coming generation’s future.  By considering these obstacles and hurdles in our mind, we need to work out on all the best possible ways and measures; which if Government would adopt and follow, will make the lives of our future generations quite satisfactory and relaxed in obtaining their statutory papers and getting their official tasks done without facing all such problems and hindrances.  Let them be safe from getting a prey or victim out of this game called Corruption.  If we succeed to change this vicious cycle of corruption, this would be our best gift and invaluable inheritance to be gifted to our future generation.    

Therefore, let’s take a pledge that we the citizens of India are not going to tolerate this menace anymore. Let’s stand by it and let’s share our recommendations to Government of India….Jai Hind!

Meenakshi Raina
Meenakshi Raina

I, Meenakshi Raina, from "The City of Temples (जम्मू) and The Paradise on Earth (कश्मीर)" (J&K), have a great passion for Writing, Singing & Travelling. I am not any Literary expert yet having enough to write because of experiencing Life from different dimensions. I am thankful to everyone in my Life for helping me to explore myself and to feel and understand the process of Divinity. Humble Gratitude to "Infinite-Spirit". My Belief - "You can't believe in God until you believe in yourself".

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