Law of attraction works like you have ordered something from universal menu card and it is going to be delivered for sure. If the “order” or “ask” is big, it is going to take sometime.
It is one of the most powerful laws of the universe. So knowingly or unknowingly law is working for everyone. If someone is aware of this law, he/she can manifest anything in life. Common understanding about the law is if you want to attract anything in life, create thoughts about your desire, write affirmation, visualise and your desire will manifest.

Lot of people are able to manifest their goals by using it and lot of people are unable to do so. Sometimes, people give a feedback that they used all tools of LOA but it didn’t worked for them but if it’s a universal law, it should work for everyone, right!

What is missing then!

Let’s remember that LOA is
‘’We don’t attract what we want, we attract what we are.”

What does it mean? Their are two things: one is your want and other is your current reality. For example if someone wants to have healthy fit body, that person applies LOA tools and in current reality person doesn’t follow proper diet, no regular exercise and no proper sleep. The person doesn’t take necessary action to change his reality and achieve his goals. So In case there is gap in person’s want and his current reality, his goal will never manifest.

How does it work?

▶️Thought is the seed of your desire. So have clarity of the goal in thoughts and write it down.
▶️ Visualization and affirmation
▶️Take necessary Action towards your goal and change your current reality.
▶️ Replace your old belief system with new one.

My personal experience!

I am doing Gym from almost ten years
and stayed non vegetarian from my childhood. Last year, around August-Oct 2017, I had a break from Gym and also decided to turn to pure vegetarian diet.
Took a decision to start going to Gym regularly to fuel my desire to have a perfect body. I created thought about my goal, wrote it down, started doing affirmation and started visualising. Most important part, started to take Action with daily Gym, changed my diet and starting cooking for myself. Changed my belief system about food that non-veg is must for gaining strength and replaced it with all required nutrients that I would get from vegetarian food. Within three months, magic started happening, I started gaining more strength.

So want to conclude that yes! law of attraction works but you don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are.

Hope you find value out of my experience and wish you apply LOA in your life while aligning your want and reality . Thank you and God bless you all!