Energy – Realizing the Power of Oneness…..

Energy – Realizing the Power of Oneness…..

Energy – Realizing the Power of Oneness…..

From the dawn of life we observe that everything has a method, a process, a system, a structure.  The Universe has a pattern of functioning.  The computations of the astronomical science prove these.  But behind these systems there is a force which has given a direction and guided every existence and movement of either something which is lifeless or that which has life.

We are all a part of this Universe and are also embraced of the law of nature.  Plants, trees, animals, birds, water bodies, land, mountains, forests, rain, sun, moon, earth all celestial bodies everything is a part of this universe.  The force of the universe operates in everything, everywhere and all the time.  As a part of this universe being guided by one single force and being with one single force is for most of us an unimaginable phenomenon.

Individualism in the way of Oneness

We are all born as individuals on this earth but life teaches us individuality.  It makes us think as isolated entities in the universe. We become so individualistic that the wholesomeness is disintegrated.   As social beings, life teaches us to live with people of our families and those with whom we interact.  In reality we are a part of the big whole Universe.

The society brings us together and economy keeps us apart.  The universe brings us together but our thinking keeps us apart.  Our thought processes acts as a biggest block to feel unified with the whole World.  It is not as easy as said.  Accepting the wholesome phenomenon is not that easy.  Many questions arise to accept this because of the material facts.  We have to make a living.  We have to earn for ourselves and our family.  We need protection, we need a house.  One can’t be judgmental saying that it is not the right thing to do so.  It is the way of life.  But if we want our dreams to be realized, we have to understand things won’t work in isolation.  The more we accept oneness, the easier is to achieve our dreams.

Thoughtsand Oneness

If one attempts to map the mind, it becomes difficult as the thought flow is not continuous.  A thought, on which something is interrupted by a number of other thoughts, the thread does not continue to be with one thought.  As the sense organs are open, every stimulus in every split second stimulates responses. Even when one closes all the sense organs to stimulus, mind does not stop.  In fact, the mind moves faster than the speed of light and sound.  But all these thoughts which appear to be random may have strong impacts on many instances in life.  Many a times, I have observed random thoughts have become realities.  A number of times highly structured thoughts have just reached cold storage and have not realized.  When subtle thoughts of some frequency have the ability to come true there must be something underlying this phenomenon to become a reality.  We put in great efforts in making a plan, a long term and a short term plan, we write down the plan, set the targets and also attempt to reach them but when we have a look backward, we see many things happened which were not in the written plan but it has enabled us to achieve our desires.

The mind is very well networked and connected.   When you are connected to an energy at a very subtle level that makes you realize the dream. This is because energy is one. All individuals are a part of this one energy.  It is like with the same electricity, flowing through the wires, giving the light through bulbs, cooling through fans and several electrical devices giving other such utilities as well. All of these will function with the same energy.  Superficially, it appears to be disconnected. In reality, it is one electrical energy performing various functions.

Achieving  dreams with oneness

Many times we observe conscious efforts would not have helped in achieving the goals but some thoughts which were random and just passed away were achieved. Naturally, the argument could possibly happen sometimes and not all times. However the truth is that it happens all the times but as individuals, we do not associate importance to these random thoughts and we are also unaware of the frequency of the thoughts.  We generally mix our conscious thoughts with this low frequency thought and we do not track what is realized and what is not.  A clear understanding how the mind networks and makes things happen is what is needed.  When we read the law of attraction, we experiment to check whether all the thoughts have become realities or not.  Mostly, yes, but those thoughts of the conscious mind which were more structured would have failed the test.

The thoughts which flashes, when we are in complete silence which appears to be random and which is highly influenced by the heart will turn to reality; be it a negative or a positive thought.

For instance, we consider meeting new people as stray incidents.  Does it have any relevance for our lives? People come and go, what are we to do with it?  We meet so many of them in a day. We don’t realize that meeting and interacting with every individual will have a strong message and a meaning.  Once we start thinking in this direction, every incident of our life finds a meaning.  We often think in a discrete and disintegrated manner and lose the track of oneness.

The concept of oneness seems unexplainable as it is only experiential.  There is a force within each one of us which is energized when the logical mind stops its interference.  This force is the life force which is making things happen.  If the force is only within then how can externalities happen according to our mind’s wish?  The force is that which exists out there and also within us which is connected.  This in the recent past that has been experimented and proven by a number of spiritual practitioners.  It is not a new science, it has been from the day, when the Universe came into existence.  Einstein’s Universal truth “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another” reiterates the truth that the energy is already there and is a whole.  It is the same energy which is omnipresent and omnipotent.

Manasa Sudarshana
Manasa Sudarshana

Manasa Sudarshana is the director of Centre for Educational and Social Studies, Bangalore. She has been a Professor in Management who has served as director/dean at various Business Schools in Bangalore. She has carried out various research projects for Government and Business organizations. She set up AnalyZ Research Solutions in 2011 and successfully worked on several Research assignments like Moksh, Titan Industries, Infotrack Telematics, Hitachi, Banjara Foods and has supported several start-ups for their market entry. She is passionate about writing and has written several articles in newspapers both in English and Kannada. She received the Best teacher award from Bangalore Centre for Education in 2007 and her thesis was awarded the Best Ph.D. Thesis from Prestige Group of Institutions, Indore in 2009. Currently she is a doctoral guide for University of Mysore and Jain University.

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Meenakshi Raina Posted on7:19 am - Feb 25, 2018

Beautiful piece of writing to understand the concept of Energy flowing through all of us and through everything in the World. A person who understands this will understand the essence of Oneness….

Great job done by the Author

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