Waiting until the heart quake
Beneath my flash
I yelled from the puddle of boiling blood,
Stirring my thoughts,
Perishing disappointment,
I looked for a slith to have a breath,
As I realized that I must live,
I must not die,
I must see what I am!

A deadly journey killing my wise cells!
Needs to come back to an end,
I waited, went on waiting,
Digesting all stale insights of mind,
Untill the dawn,
As I realized that I must believe,
I must not doubt,
I must see what I am!

My old foe always loves to sit,
On top of my defenseless fortress,
Like vermillion sun of my lonely eve,
To burn me in heartache,
To drain me in my tears,
To bring darkness for a long time,
And I realized then,
It’s my night,
haunted being amidst my dead feelings.