Are we living a life of Gratitude?
Do others resonate the same gratitude when we are a part of their lives?

It is easier to feel all the gratitude in good times but it is the bad times that put us to test of being thankful. The tough times are when we need the real practice of expressing our gratitude. That’s one side of the coin of the process of gratification. The other side talks about creating an aura of gratitude around us by giving to others. A balance of both the sides of the coin is where gratitude increases its power in our life and keeps all the great people attracted to us.
Recollecting a short story where I once took an old poor lady who was suffering from some pain on her eyes, to an eye hospital as she didn’t have anyone to look up to nor was she equipped enough to receive any medical assistance independently. After her visit, she showered me with gratitude with her touching words. She said “You are my Mother and you are my Father”. After hearing this, I was delighted and my inner gratitude spread through me that I could help her and be her reason of comfort and happiness. This, as I call, is a 360 degree approach of creating gratitude in our life.
Gratitude indeed multiplies when we continuously consciously thrive for it.

We also have to be careful with where gratitude cannot exist or cannot co exist with, let’s find out :
Gratitude cannot co exist with complain;
Gratitude cannot co exist with back biting;
Gratitude cannot co exist with hate;
Gratitude cannot co exist with judging people;
Gratitude cannot co exist with harming others;
Gratitude cannot co exist with jealousy;
Gratitude cannot co exist by pulling people down;
Gratitude cannot co exist by being insensitive to others;
Gratitude cannot co exist by being not loving one self;
Gratitude cannot co exist by not being compassionate to others;
Hope you will be able to find what should gratitude can co exist with and cannot co exist with, in your life.
Let us fill gratitude in our life by every means. If we have to tell our story, let’s only tell our story of gratitude. Let’s make the gratitude circle big in our life, and create an aura of gratitude in 360 degree areas of our life. Like every big dream we want to achieve, gratitude should also be achieved with equal passion.