Life is unpredictable!

Saddened by the untimely demise of noted actor..!

The sudden death of veteran actor reveals uncertainty of life!

The fragility of life is proved again…!

Newspapers, social media, TV channels were flooded with comments like above after demise of renowned actress Sridevi.

Ever since  I got the news of her death and received several messages on uncertainty or unpredictable nature of life; I am thinking, “Is life  really unpredictable?”,” Is life really uncertain?”

Are we not aware of the fact that whoever takes birth has to die?  Why do we deny the truth of dying? Why do we take life for granted?

Most of us know the story of Buddha which throws light on the inevitability of death. Story goes like this –

In a village where Buddha was staying, a woman came to him weeping, crying and screaming as her only child had suddenly died.  She said to Buddha, “Bhagwan (Lord),  you are compassionate and if you wish you can make my child alive.”  Buddha looked at the dead child and said to the woman, “Don’t weep, just do one thing and your child will be alive again. Leave this dead child here, go back to the town, go to every house and ask every family if someone has ever died in their family, in their house. And if you can find a house where no one has ever died, then from them beg something to be eaten, some bread, some rice, or anything – but from the house where no one has ever died. And that bread or that rice will revive the child immediately. You go. Don’t waste time.”

The woman became happy. She felt that now the miracle was going to happen. She touched Buddha’s feet and ran to the village which was not a very big one, very few cottages, a few families. She moved from one family to another, asking. But every family said, “This is impossible. There is not a single house – not only in this village but all over the earth – there is not a single house where no one has ever died, where people have not suffered death and the misery and the pain and the anguish that comes out of it.”

By and by the woman realized that Buddha had played a trick. This was impossible. But still, there was hope. She went on asking until she had gone around the entire village. Her tears dried, her hope died, but suddenly she felt a new tranquility, a serenity, coming to her. Now she realized that whosoever is born will have to die. It is only a question of years. Someone will die sooner, someone later, but death is inevitable.  source –The Book of Secrets, by Osho.

If death is inevitable why we deny accepting the fact? Can we say that the woman in the story never saw any death before the death of her child? She must have seen/heard about the death. Then she did she wish to make her child alive?  It is because her child was very close to her. The gravity of the death depends upon who died.  If someone close to us dies, we feel more sorrow.  The event of death is always the same but its effect or impact differs from person to person depending on the closeness of the person who died.

Another question popped up in my mind.  What is untimely? Is death at the age 54 untimely? Then what about those who die immediately after birth or in younger age?  Who decides time? We don’t, for sure.

Before our birth universe was existing and after our death also it will be!  Time for our entry on the earth and exit from is already decided by the creator or our soul only. Time of our entry and exit is based on what lessons are to be learned by us.

If we accept the fact that our journey on the earth is for a specific purpose or to learn our lessons then our journey will be easy.  We will start living every moment of life, towards our life purpose and stop blaming life as unpredictable or uncertain.  It has always been CERTAIN that it has an end and whoever taken birth has to die.

To Be Continued….


Pratibha Badurkar is Spiritual Coach/Guide/Healer. She is channel of Divine in transforming thousands of lives with Spiritual Coaching and healing. Contributed in an International Book ‘Goodness Abounds’. Loves to travel, reads a lot and music & photography is her passion. She is a NLP practitioner, To reach people across the Globe and to spread happiness & peace through different healing modalities is her mission. She conducts program on Wellness, Relationship and Life transformation. Working on three solo books which will be released soon.


Tanishq Dedhia
Aparna Posted on1:18 am - Mar 1, 2018

The article has simply nailed the truth about -‘Death’.

Meenakshi Raina Posted on10:32 am - Mar 2, 2018

Wonderful piece of writing highlighting the inevitable truth about Life.

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