Light in opalescent mist !

Beneath the parasol of pride and greed,
The fuss of bloody hunting in their eyes,
Vermin’s are jutting out; Greasy and shining!
Stains of murky deeds surrounding,
So called treasure for progeny.

The roulette of life goes on orbiting meaninglessly,
pernicious barter goes on in the arena; for
Corpse of filthy existence lays everywhere!
Dumb pebbles stooped down there to witness the time,
slipping away in the flow of civilization.

Ancient king of web,
waded into the puddle of fear,
Mourning for the furious silence
awaiting for a slit to drizzle,
Hopes are going gray, seems a mountain ablaze!

Humming lullabies; patting sorrows
a small tree on a grassy mound squeezes itself,
in between the interval of seasons,
as if ,
a golden light!
Sowing dreams in dewy eye’s embrace,

Drop by drop dashing towards that sea,
no more silkiness left,
Torn but new,
The path slogs through the heaps of drowsy vermin’s,
Deep breaths of social makeover
in opalescent mist.

 07 Feb 2018

Nitusmita Saikia