An urge to hide hurts,
In the silence of monument valley!
Secret openings had been bricked up within,
That’s the ancient pride ever in race.

Dissected by the pebbles,
the flow gets torn here and there,
A puddle of disappointment!
between the breakfast and dinner time,
mirthless smiles still slithered away,
as the pride approached,
Few drops of water naked in sunshine,
a milky thread falls from the mountain.

Breaths die mechanically in a vacuum,
every day and night; swiping emotions naively,
moment to moment act per scene!
The droll thing is to be live.

So pathetic! Human don’t find fellow human,
It is tetchy, now to be holding mutual bond back
Thus soul steps in exile,
and the commotion swallows all,
queen of voice flew away in the dark,
remains a symphony of pretending show-offs,
like the gloomy song of the fall,
After the autumn wind passed by.