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February 2018


By Rajgopalan Ramchandran Around 19 trillion billion rupees are spent all over the world by Governments and Corporate, just to make us sick. It’s unbelievable but true, and to know how, just go through the details here : The intellectual… Continue Reading →

UNSPEAKEABLE; Shooting culture in mighty country

              By Arbind Kumar United States of America is known for its military might, technological advancement, Hollywood films, and for its songs. Americans claim they are the most punctual and committed to democracy and… Continue Reading →

Spirituality is a game of 7….

Spirituality is a journey of Self Discovery which continues till the last breath. Spirituality is a subject of great debate in today’s time especially when each one is fighting a mental war but is unable to take the spiritual path… Continue Reading →

Spirituality and Wisdom….

“Be in the world but not of the world” This proverb though looks straight but has a deep meaning of Wisdom within. The nobleman called it a magic talisman, of Spirituality. Being materialistic is good but being devoid of such… Continue Reading →

Energy – Realizing the Power of Oneness…..

From the dawn of life we observe that everything has a method, a process, a system, a structure.  The Universe has a pattern of functioning.  The computations of the astronomical science prove these.  But behind these systems there is a… Continue Reading →

The unconditional Love…

The unconditional love that we seek. Living a carefree life, bubbly, friendly and jovial was how Maya’s friend described her.  Right from her college days, going for interviews and then finally landing with a good job, she remained the same… Continue Reading →

Belief and Fear

“Life! is what has happened to us without our efforts and after that everything that happens to us is based on our actions and reactions to the situations and circumstances around us.” The moment we are out of our mothers’… Continue Reading →

Artificial Intelligence or Human Intelligence

“Artificial intelligence. Are you scared of it?” I asked Lulu, my parrot. Just in case you are not aware, parrots are one of the most well informed avians. They travel from Stanford to Shillong; they understand AI, I mean, Artificial… Continue Reading →


  In the present era the word  “Spirituality” is being used more frequently, Let’s understand what it means the word  Spirit refers to the “Soul” as opposed to the physical body as it is the spirit or the Soul that… Continue Reading →

To be alone

Budding experiences once; were, With a swelled venter and then; Moment arrived at fruitage time. Humiliating old thoughts and believes; Slogged through countless conflicts and consoles, Until the renewal! Now I prefer to be alone. After last forlorn attempt to… Continue Reading →

Book Review : The Ruler’s Gaze – A Study Of British Rule Over India From A Saidian Perspective

Plight of Civil Engineers in Private Sector

An elephant is worth the same, living or dead. So are the civil engineers. If there were no civil engineers, human race would have been relegated to natural caves in the forest for living. No business, no roads/transport, no entertainment… Continue Reading →

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