Secret of living a happy life!!!

Secret of living a happy life!!!

Secret of living a happy life!!!

We all love to be credited for our work. It gives us a high.

But along with it comes a great responsibility to reach the hearts of every human who needs US.

We are in an era where human mind has enriched so much and developed from a microchip to an airplane for our comfort zones. Hence playing with the  nature.

Today all good souls are in a constant conflict in their mind. 

Should we be more ambitious or spiritual

Be good or street smart as every second person is out there to take our advantage.

Should we be honest or protect our interests first.

Should we be wealthy or just satisfy our requirements as we all have to maintain a certain decorum in our society.

The conflict goes on.

The key is to balance our life with the energies of nature which are lying in abundance out there !

I personally follow a simple 5 point power system and call it PPCYM.

It stands for prayers, pranayama, chanting, yoga and meditation.

1) Prayers-Prayers need not be a daily ritual going to a temple. Jus a silent energetic corner of your house focusing with faith for few moments on any lord you may feel connected. You will soon get the hidden confidence and a secure feeling that nothing can go wrong in your life ! The day we start praying for the peace and happiness of the whole universe we get it also. As what goes around come back! 


2) Pranayama-Pranayama can be any form of breathing exercises you may know. It could be simple anulom vilom to Shree Shree Ravi Shankar’s Bhasrika or Ramdev Baba’s Kapaal  Bharati and who have learnt can do Shiv Swar Yogs nadi shodhan. Pranayam energises us and stabilises our emotions.


3) Chanting- chanting is magical. Just the Om chanting or Gayatri Mantra ( which is proven to be The Best sound waves by the NASA scientists also) in the morning sunlight draws so much positive energy in our life. It has never happened that I have menufested a result for my client with chanting and it failed. It’s like knocking the doors till they open !


4) Yoga- yoga is a 5000 year old Indian culture of exercise to throw away the unwanted elements of our body. It keeps all our organs fit but we pay to expensive gyms and rarely go !


5) Meditation- we get to this stage friends only if we have practise the above four for a considerable time. It’s about shedding away all our negetivities. Mental or emotional. We have to forgive and forget and cut off from our past , as burdens of past and worries of the future can destroy our present ! If we don’t live happily, we can never attract positive energy !

Spiritual growth is like sowing seeds, it takes it’s time to grow but gives back in abundance.

Most of the spiritual activities are done alone and in silence.

Lot of us get into loneliness. It’s not necessary ! The trick is to graduate from loneliness to the love of solitude.

I want to share something very close to my heart. My favourite poet William Wordsworth in his journey of a beautiful poem called daffodils, differs loneliness from solitude. He depicts

And I quote 

” I wander lonely as a cloud ” and turns his blissful expression to solitude saying,

“For oft, when on my couch I lie,

In vacant or in pensive mood,

They flash upon my inward eye,

Which is the bliss of solitude”


Solitude is a great healer, it enhances our intuition!

We are from a land where Tansen could bring down rains with his passionate music! So let’s rise up to the forum of empowerment and get our dictions right as when we do right things consistently lords come down to the surface levels to help us ! I have experienced it!

Thank you for your time and patience.

Wishing you all joy, peace and freedom!

Thank you for your time and patience.

Wishing you all joy, peace and freedom!

God bless.

Thanks and regards,

Dr Neeta Bheda

Whatsapp- 919820083836

Neeta Bheda
Neeta Bheda

Dr. Neeta Bheda is an astrologer, child and teen counselor, corporate trainer and - a global citizen. Having traveled 20+ countries in 3 continents Dr. Neeta has amassed a great following be it for her guidance related to astrology / vastu or her counseling and training. Beloved by all she has decided to take a bold step forward to help the next generation, the future of our country. Her PhD in naturopathy and knowledge about astrology combined with her diploma in child psychology gives her a unique advantage to help the young shape their lives for the better. Winner of multiple awards and recognitions from the state and central govt give her the credibility which few have. Currently on panel of two Times Of India online CO, Astrospeak and Ganagama.


Aparna Posted on2:16 pm - Feb 13, 2018

spirituality can actually empower you!

Rajat Soni
Rajat Soni Posted on2:43 pm - Feb 14, 2018

Wonderful! Prayers, Pranayam and Canting are means to help us meditate and Meditation is the key to balance our life. So true and relevant.

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