Spirited soul does not know any boundary

Spirited soul does not know any boundary

Spirited soul does not know any boundary

By Arbind Kumar

I wonder what is that in our body that laughs, weeps, talks, loves, dreams, interacts, trembles dies for, likes to live for someone and gets involved in many more activities all the time without losing any moment throughout the life. We sleep, but that solves our difficult problems in the unconscious. One day, I tried to set myself free from all activities, relaxed, even stopped breathing, but someone inside me forced and pulled out my hands. I felt a voice inside me; ‘stop, stop, this is my work, you do yours.’ I write, however, that travels miles away from me to the land of supernatural, where my father resides. Although years ago, my father departed leaving grieving soul here, yet something inside me travels in the galleries of past and sits beside him.  When I give the final touch to the most important news of the day, I feel void and land deep into the new arena of news. My soul feels both sentiments positive or negative. Even when I sleep, the brain doesn’t stop. Therefore, it is crystal clear needs rest, not the soul.

No stoppage; One day as the printing time in the press was fast approaching, I told my operator to speed up his command on the keyboard. The 27-year-old guy politely replied, ‘I am working since 6 O’clock in the evening, so feel tired, sir.” When we finished our work, I called up the operator in the conference hall and told him a story.

‘A young man was on the mission of crossing three skyrocketing hills. It was full dark night and was no sight beyond the radius of one meter. He had a small lamp and he could see only a meter in the light of the tiny lamp. His heart plummeted to think how he could move ahead on such a  dark night and his journey was too long. He lost his confidence and sat down. As soon as he got down another man approached and asked, ‘what is the problem? Can I help you anyway? Young man narrated his ordeal and said, ‘I fear how I can accomplish this herculean task.” The second man replied, ‘ok if you keep sitting here it will not help you anyway. Instead, you should keep moving ahead as light permeates. Thus you will be nearer to your goal.’

The story speaks out that solution lies in the hidden strength of our body and psychology of brain.

Sleep and work; Though we sleep, our brain keeps working. When I use to get to bed almost in the morning, check emails, set daily schedule and fall deep in a dream. As soon as I get up late in the morning, I feel relaxed as if, this is new life. When inquired, I found some change has already been done by my soul and brain; as both were working overnight and this would keep me humming through the day.

The brain works; When we sleep, cerebral spinal fluid is pumped throughout the brain and that clears the garbage. Fluid whisks away molecular detritus and toxin protein. If not cleared, could lead to dementia in life. Thus when we wake up, literally, we have a brain with a clean slate. The brain also restores information that was not ingrained in the day. Suppose if we vowed to remember information from our textbooks, brain consolidates that information for a future purpose. This process helps improve skills in software’s, languages, mathematics, science etc. Preserve important memories and downgrades unimportant ones.

Meditation; We can improve the power of memory by meditation. The prefrontal cortex is called as CEO of the brain and this is the center of happiness. World fame scientist Einstein was a lucky person; his prefrontal cortex was densely filled with grey matters. Harvard neuroscientist Dr. Sara Lesar, in a research, found in meditation prefrontal cortex becomes dense, thereby increases decision making power and confidence level.

Intuitions Power and creativity; Those, who logic by the left brain are more practical in life and good in mathematics and science, whereas who do creative work by the right brain are good in arts and philosophy and bear strong intuition power. In meditation, corpus coliseum, connecting cord between left and right brain, becomes strong. Such people use both brains more accurately. Therefore, meditation helps us in improving memory power, logical thinking, more creativity and deep and develops a focused approach.

Deep sleep; In the deepest stage of sleep, brain re-establishes daily to-dos order. In this time, the brain sends a message to turn off motor neurons that causes temporary paralysis. The brain does this because we don’t find ourselves trying to recreate of the day while sleeping.


s; There are stories of laughing Buddha, Hotai, in Japan. Hotai used to move one place to another, one market to the next, one village to another and was used to stand up in the middle of the street and started laughing. Laughing was his life and profession. Whenever anybody asked him any question, he laughed. His laughing was magnetic and contagious. This was a real laugh and at the peak of laugh his stomach used to vibrate and he felled on, but he did not stop laughing. His contagious laugh was like a tide and gripped in the crowd even entire an area. People awaited Hotai to come in their area. Hotai visited with eternal happiness. He never spoke, but laughed and only laughed. He replicated art of laughing in each heart and laughing was his only message.

Small things happen every moment that go off unnoticed. A pursuit of happiness lies in our habit. If we are habitual, we send happiness signals to the brain. When the brain is happy, this stimulates eternal pleasure. Happiness stimulates the growth of nerves, improves cognition by increasing mental health, leads to more happy thought, increases attentiveness, and improves our ability to analyze and think. And this is the secret of happy life and success. It is good saying, ‘spirited soul does not know any boundary.”

Writer is Journalist and a soft skills trainer. email;arbind03@yahoo.comarbindji02@gmail.com, Mo-91-9424753979.

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Aparna Posted on11:12 am - Feb 7, 2018

Cross the boubdaries to merge with the divine .

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