Spirituality is all about a sense of connect. A sense of connect with the self, with people around us, and with the universe. It is the pinnacle of relationships.

Spirituality is a very holistic concept. It looks after not only how people are doing emotionally; it looks after their physical and ethical aspects as well. We get a very good idea of the positive impact of spiritual training when we look at all the aspects of living of people who have undergone.

When we look at people like the Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hanh, Matthieu Ricard and similar people, we find that they are indeed much evolved souls. People ,who are sound in their learning, health as well as their relationships. People, who are aware of the unity of being. People who are able to transcend all human made barriers and establish a connect.

Spirituality actually provides us with a cure to many of the maladies that afflict the world. Sickness, suffering, depression, anger, hate – are all phenomena that can be addressed very will through spiritualism.

Spiritual inclination builds character and relationships. And it is character and relationships that help us do significant and positive things. It is not enough for us to merely believe things ourselves. We have to become evangelists and actively help spreading the contagion.

Spirituality is a great healer. Given the mind-body connection, when we get a detox at the level of the psyche, it happens at the mental level and then at a spiritual level as well.

Spirituality greatly helps us understand and enhance relationships as well. We learn not just tolerance, we learn to understand the other person’s model of the world as well. That promotes mutual understanding, harmony, and helps people work together in a synergistic fashion. There is a need to relook spiritualism in a new way altogether. It is not something that is the exclusive domain of saints. Spirituality is something for each one of us to practice.

Spirituality is our hope for the future. Spirituality will  definitely redeem humankind


Milind Kher
Milind Kher

Milind Kher is certified in Extended DISC, Emotional Intelligence, NLP and am an ICF certified Life Coach. I work with the human mind and human relations with a focus on EI and NLP.


Aparna Posted on11:15 am - Feb 19, 2018

spirituality cam be weaved in the moral fibre of our life.

Mandeep Kaur Posted on8:19 pm - Feb 19, 2018

Beautifully compiled,,
Spirituality is above caste and creed,
It helps build character by bringing peace,,
It is indeed the need of this superbusy looking,,, generation,,,

Meenakshi Raina Posted on5:48 am - Feb 21, 2018

Spirituality and Relationship if works together leads up to divine bonding between the two souls…
Beautiful write up??

Nitusmita Saikia
Nitusmita Saikia Posted on1:56 pm - Feb 21, 2018

you are right sir. spirituality is the ladder which connect us with all. gives a pair of eyes to see other’s model of world. may be the realization of spirituality is the ultimate to save mankind.

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