“Be in the world but not of the world”

This proverb though looks straight but has a deep meaning of Wisdom within.

The nobleman called it a magic talisman, of Spirituality.

Being materialistic is good but being devoid of such needs is far better good!

Wisdom and Spirituality are interdependent on each-other as nobleman says.  “One hour of teaching is better than a whole night of prayer.”

Be in the company of good people and for having a good company check their wisdom.  You will find knowledgeable people all around but what is missing is their Wisdom.  No doubt, people have degrees and enough knowledge but they may or may not be full of wisdom. This is how Knowledge and Wisdom are contrary to each other.

But a question arises, how come wisdom is absent when people acquire a proper education?  It’s simply like mugging up your chapters and MISSING your practical classes.

People have turned INHUMANE and bloodthirsty hounds.  For this, we have to arm ourselves by being benevolent, philanthropic, magnanimous and humanitarian!!!

Without thorough understanding, there is no real education and here comes the concept of spirituality.


I will explain it with a simple example.

Knowledge and Wisdom is like a heavy rainfall on earth.  One part of the earth becomes green and nourishes the mankind whereas the other part simply received rain. Now, it is up to you, how you took the water and made it available for the Mankind.  The third patch of rainfall was not accepted by mother Earth nor did it get absorbed to produce herbage.

So in the first example, THE EARTH TAKES AND GIVES…..

In the second IT TAKES AND GIVES but Doesn’t USE it….

In the last one Earth is unaffected by rain, IT NEITHER TAKES NOR ACCEPTS NOR GIVES BACK…..

Same is the case with Knowledge, Wisdom and Spiritualism!!!

A famous Saint “OMAR KHAYYAM” Say that “Men’s eyes are closed, like blindfolded mill oxen, seeking like ants under reversed cup…”

You have not done what forebears did yet you want to be like them….


We have the needed Spirituality in us but we just need the Wisdom of seeking and understanding it.

SPIRITUALITY does not mean finding salvation by running away from the world but by living there–doing our duties–being human.

How can God find contentment when his fellow human discards their duties and turns towards Him.

So dear readers first come to your duties…

Every thought has a parallel action.

Every prayer has a sound and a physical form.

There are a thousand forms of mind.

To the ignorant, a pearl seems mere a stone.

God’s mirror: the front is the Heart and back are the World…

An atheist says GOD cannot be found

But …something that cannot be ‘found’ is what I want ~ RUMI (POET AND INTELLECTUAL)

Unbolt the hidden doors of spiritualism.

Develop the wisdom, the knowledge…

Charity and Hospitality are the tools to reach and open your Spiritual doors.

A vulnerable hermit who stays in isolation and contemplate merely cannot posses Spiritualism by these means….

By being soft, love of mankind, truthfulness and any act of charity be it as simple as giving water to bird’s can lead to SPIRITUALITY. God sees the heart not the chants…..

Compassion builds us….

The road to SPIRITUALITY should be devoid of pride and greed. If you still feel frustrated by not getting any wishes fulfilled from Almighty; it says your doors of wisdom is still closed. Enlighten yourself…..

What may seem good to you, maybe bringing bad-luck to you!!

So be contented and satisfied with what you have.  Develop the hunger of learning……

After all the power of Almighty  – no Sound – no Shape – no Form but when HE manifests none can resist it.