Spirituality is a game of 7….

Spirituality is a game of 7….

Spirituality is a game of 7….

Spirituality is a journey of Self Discovery which continues till the last breath.

Spirituality is a subject of great debate in today’s time especially when each one is fighting a mental war but is unable to take the spiritual path because the basic assumption is about giving up things to achieve peace.

Life is a process of gaining and losing.

We can’t keep gaining all the time and we can’t keep losing all the time. The beautiful thought while dealing with problems and challenges is “What has come will go” as said by Dadi Jankiji, the 103-year-old Administrative Head of Brahma Kumaris.

Life is a Game and so is Spirituality

We all run through our lives – trying to figure out what do we want to do with this life?  This thought just stresses us out if we have no clear vision of life.  We all have heard that the big moment of everyone’s life is not when they were born but it’s when they find out The WHY.  We know that we are all actors in this World, stage and have to play our roles to the best of our ability.  However, to play it well, we need to understand the following rules.

Let’s look at the 7 aspects

Spirituality is about losing some and gaining some, where the gain is a lot actually. If you closely look at the word Spirituality, it can be divided as follows-

  • Spirit – The Soul
  • U – Understanding
  • Ali – God
  • Ty – Thank You

We all have 7 vices within us which are the root cause of sufferings

  • Lust
  • Anger
  • Greed
  • Attachment
  • Ego
  • Carelessness
  • Laziness

The good news is that as Souls, we also have 7 innate qualities within us

  • Purity
  • Peace
  • Happiness
  • Love
  • Bliss
  • Knowledge
  • Power

Let’s look at the 4 words of Spirituality first


We all are Souls in the body which is something we all know.  We also know that once the Soul leaves the body, the body is burnt or buried.  However, the question here  is that do we look and act as Spiritual Beings and use these 7 innate qualities or do we have to use the vices throughout our life.


If we all are Souls then it is obvious that we have a physical body of either a male or a female.  However, beyond that is another understanding that we all have some strengths and some weaknesses. Hence, we need to understand that to make our Soul blissful, we must evolve the above mentioned 7 innate qualities within our consciousness and overlook all our vices.


When the situations and people become unfavorable, we turn to GOD.  What if we could be connected to GOD every day and share all the aspects of our lives whether good or bad to Him. It is only He, who knows what is good for us. Hence, if we just connect to Him and shares everything with Him, surely His Angels will reach to us when we need them.


Thank You is a word used for Gratitude. Having gratitude for what we have will first keep us calm and composed, while we can continue to aim at what is needed.  Contentment is a positive vibe which when radiated brings all the positive situations and positive people closer to you, which lead you towards where you want to head.

The 7 Innate Qualities

Let’s look at what to gain and not what to lose


Lust has been a major cause of worry in all age groups whether young or old. We recently saw a ban on some ads in the daytime on television as it pollutes the young mind. However, there are other ways like songs, ads, videos and stories, where lust is described in a way which makes young and old minds
experiment with it. Then it becomes a habit and destroys the positive energy of the mind.

Purity is the answer to this problem.  No doubt, to free oneself from such habits seems very tough in the beginning but if we focus on pure thoughts all the time and put them in our words and actions too, very soon we will find ourselves heading towards purity. The thought that “I am a soul and everyone else is also a soul” is a good way to start.


Anger comes when situations and people around us are our way.  An angry person is not powerful but is actually a victim. He is a victim of his own weakness, who tries to dominate others to feel powerful but is unaware that he is losing people on mental levels.

Peace is a solution to counter this vice. Do we interact or like the company of an angry person?  Do we like to be shouted at? Then how will others like it. If we can sit with ourselves in silence just 10 minutes before going to sleep and practice the thought “I am a peaceful soul” then we will start realizing that anger is not required at all.


Greed comes when we compare ourselves to others or try to show off or try to impress someone.  In all the 3 cases, the energy that drives our actions is outside. We keep accumulating a lot of materialistic things and hardly get time to enjoy with our loved one’s like family time, home cooked food, rest etc.  GOD must be also surprised on how people lose their health to gain wealth and then loses their wealth to gain health.

Happiness is a state of mind and it comes with little efforts but not with materialistic things.  Loving yourself is a nice way to start.  Understand what makes you happy and do more of it to keep the energy flowing.  My experience says that volunteering is the best way to feel grounded and happy.


Attachment kills – is something we have heard for long. Attachment does not kill us physically but emotionally. There is no doubt, that if we get love from someone who makes us feel comfortable, we don’t want to get detached from them. However, change is the rule of Nature.  People change or people leave us when they die or people get shifted to some other places hence life doesn’t go as per our way.

Universal Love is the solution to attachment. It does not mean we become feeling-less, it just means that we have to love all, as everyone or everything is a part of the Universe. We have to give love to everyone we meet and wherever we go. Where there is love there is no comparison of religion, color, location, etc.


Ego can destroy our relationships and life. Ego comes when we are in possession of material things, position, fame, etc. People give us all the respect and attention and also follow our instructions, which makes us feel important but the day we lose our position we lose getting all this from them.  We need to understand that people pay respect and attention to the positions acquired by a person or materialistic things or fame but not to the person himself.

Bliss is a state of having everything minus the ego. We must understand that everything is a gift from  Godand we have been given these materialistic things or status to help the self and to others.  If we use these things without being stuck to them then we can be in a state of bliss and also gets blessings of others.


Carelessness comes when we ignore or overlook knowledge. Knowledge or information comes to us from the electronic or social media and through friends and relatives in form of information and warnings. For example; we know that not linking Aadhar card can deactivate our essential services like Banking and Mobile. We become careless and don’t do the linking and then run around to set things right.

Knowledge, on the other hand, is a quality of understanding what needs to be done and when. Knowledge is when we use the information to our advantage and not being lethargic.


Laziness or Procrastination can make life tougher. They say that a “Stitch in time saves nine” but if we are lazy then things can get crazy. Some classic examples like “Missing the Flight”, “Not
studying through the year”, etc.

Power of the mind which can also be defined as Will-Power is needed to get rid of laziness.  It is not that easy yet can be done with one’s willpower. This requires us to keep up a priority list to affirm ourselves of the benefit of pushing ourselves to get things done.

Way Forward

It is not easy to practice the above-mentioned points but not impossible too. They are not DON but our innate qualities. We just need to keep practicing them in our interactions and actions which will lead us to be the perfect spiritual being. Regular practice of Rajyoga Meditation can help you achieve this feat of Spirituality.

Do share your thoughts and share if you found it useful.


Meenakshi Raina Posted on6:41 am - Feb 25, 2018

Outstanding write up….

Need and feed of the Soul.


    Rohit Gehani Posted on12:26 pm - Feb 25, 2018

    Thank you

Aparna Posted on11:27 am - Feb 25, 2018

very well articulated

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