In the present era the word  “Spirituality” is being used more frequently, Let’s understand what it means the word  Spirit refers to the “Soul” as opposed to the physical body as it is the spirit or the Soul that sustains the body.

To understand spirituality, In a simpler sense Spirituality It means awareness,

Why is Spirituality required in the present Era?

The answer to this is Man’s level of Awareness has reduced or rather lost awareness and the witness to this is our society is marching towards barbarity, Man has fallen into the quagmire of Vices this is due to man has lost his Conscience or has ignored it, conscience is the inner core voice of the Soul.  If a Man listens to the voice of his Conscience he does not need anyone to judge neither any laws or courts are required.

If there has to be a Healthy society means It has to has to be built upon strong foundation of Values &  values are dependent on the individual & it is based on his Conscience., If values are not restored in the society then there will be a great chaos & disaster in the society.

Let us take a glimpse of few of current problems that we are undergoing in the present scenario the reasons for it how it needs to be addressed by the tool of Spirituality.


As man becomes old his greed becomes young is one of the popular saying, greed as a disease has been strongly deep-rooted in the consciousness of Man no wonder we witness various scams & corruption that keeps happening, corruption is the offshoot of greed ,it has to be uprooted for a healthy society & for that to happen the consciousness of the individual has to be purified & inculcation of values, as  virtue is wealth,

There is no dearth of resources in the world but it is due to insatiable greed which is responsible for creating an economic imbalance.


Every nation wants to emerge as super-power nation  hence the competition & hatredness amongst the  nations which is one of the strong reasons for which Wars happen ,it is rightly said that Wars are born in the Minds of Men Alexander the great conqueror of times made a great statement when he was down with serious illness, he said”when Iam dead let my hands be kept out of coffin so that let people understand that Iam leaving this world of what all I had plundered Iam leaving empty-handed ,it gives a great message to the humanity.

War does not solve any problem, it only creates hatred & spirit of revenge in the mind of men who conquers,henceforth the knowledge of spirit, love for each other, world peace is the key to this problem,this can be understood with right knowledge we are spirits embedded in the cage of flesh& bones have come to earthly plane to ,reform or evolve ourselves, all power,wealth is transitory nothing can be carried along with us at the end except our karmic account & the impressions.

Any change we need to witness has to happen from the micro-level or individual, henceforth it is to be remembered that with a change in the consciousness of the individual will change everything.


Health & Spirituality are deeply interconnected with each other,It is to be noted that oldest Medical System ‘Ayurveda” mentions that health is the substratum for achieving all the fourfold purusharthas viz; Dharma (righteousness), Artha(wealth),  Kama (desires), moksha (emancipation) “Dharmartha Kama mokshanaam Aarogyam moolamuthamam” Charaka.

Acharya Charaka one of the eminent Ayurvedic physician in his treatise “Charaka -Samhita” mentions that the longevity or the life span of the man decreases as Greed(lobha) increases in man no wonder greed is the biggest disease in the minds of the man which is prevalent .


The word Psyche-means mind & somatic means body any disturbance in Mind causes an manifestation of disease in the body hence the name psycho-somatic disease.

All ills originate in Mind, one of the famous Ayurvedic sayings goes “ragadi roga”-which means disease starts from raga(attachment).Today we are witnessing many psycho-somatic diseases this due to man has been in the rat race in “Competition & Comparision with” others henceforth he is bombarded within himself with the negative emotions like hostility, anger, frustration, bereavement no wonder young people undergoing bypass surgeries or coming down with hypertension & cardiac diseases.

It has been scientifically witnessed that the role of Mind has a major role in causing killer diseases like heart attacks & cancer, Anger is leading cause of hemorrhagic stroke.

Depression is another major disease of recent time that has affected humanity, caused due to unrealistic expectations & when unable to achieve & not satisfied with what we have.Though drug treatment & psychotherapies are temporary solutions but need in long-term needs to be addressed at the root level as Depression is posed as an independent risk for heart attacks.

If we understand all these it can be effectively addressed by Spirituality or Spiritual Dimension which was mentioned 5000 years back by Ayurveda, a Comprehensive Medicine System it is said as “Dhi dhairyatmadi vignanaanam mano dosha oushadham param” which means knowledge of Atmadi vignana (Spiritual Dimension)is essential in addressing the diseases of the Mind.

Henceforth purity of consciousness is a pre-requisite factor for all of these, henceforth Spiritual dimension of Health is essential to address it effectively & much more important is prevention.


In this context we cannot afford to forget one of the noble thoughts of our Spiritual Giant Swami Vivekananda –“Our lifeblood is Spirituality, If it flows clear, If it flows strong, pure & vigorous everything is right, political, social any other material defects even the poverty of the land, will all be if that blood is pure.

Robust conscience is the key a healthy prosperous society By understanding from the above perspective we can realize appreciate the importance & need for spirituality.  The quintessence of Spirituality is Purity, where there is purity, where there is purity there prevails in divinity and where there is divinity there prevails prosperity.

Dr.Vishwanath Dixit
Vishwanath Dixit

Dr.Vishwanath graduated from Indian System of Medicine(Ayurveda) BAMS from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences , Bangalore in the year 2004 and Yoga instructor course from SVYASA.(Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Kendra) Completed PG Diploma in Values in Health Care from Annamalai university. Presently practicing as AyurvedicPhysician at Vibha Health Care located near Bangalore. He is interested in reading books and painting. He is freelance writer and promotes philosophy of Vedic -Chanting from Challakere brothers.

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Aparna Posted on4:35 pm - Feb 24, 2018

The benefits of Indian Ayurveda are very well highkighted along with spirituality.

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