It is a human tendency to blame other’s for one’s own sufferings.  But If our sufferings are caused by someone else then same should be applicable for our pleasure. But we human beings are very smart, we want to enjoy the credit of our achievements and happiness at our own but put the finger on others and stands them responsible for our pain and miseries. Well, this seems quite justified till the time we are in deep ignorance.

We must understand that by playing this blame game there is a war like situation going on in our mind. Our mind remains occupied with anger, restlessness, revenge, jealousy, hatred, frustration and aversion throughout day & night.  Even we could not sleep at nights because of these negative emotions. In such a traumatic situation a person wants nothing but peace of mind.  Unfortunately, most of the people in such a chaotic and adverse situation indulge themselves in different bad addictions and amusements thinking that it will bring peace and happiness in their lives.  But remember such intoxications will only put your health at risk and create havoc in your lives but in no case, would bring peace and happiness in your lives.  So never ever go with this easy yet expensive option.
However, people around us and our loved one’s try their best to feel us comfortable with their sympathetic conversations.  But here we need to think that –
  1. Do we really look for people’s sympathy?
  2. Do we really feel relaxed and peaceful by focusing on these negative emotions?
  3. Is it okay to blame other’s.

We never checked all these things instead wasted half of our life in blaming others.

Well, we must wake up and take up the charge of everything that has happened in our life. First of all stop discussing your problems rather focus on resolutions. Second, be in touch with positive people. Third, read or watch spiritual and inspirational videos on a regular basis. Ignore negative people. Once in a while, read or watch श्रीमद्भ गवतगीता videos.  Also, watch “Karma Philosophy” by BK Sister Shivani on youtube.  This will help you to understand that whatever happens in our lives is a return or consequences of our previous birth deeds.  Engage yourself in doing something creative. When there is nothing to do just listen to music or sing your favourite songs or do something which makes you happy.  Be optimistic and have faith in Almighty.

To change your life dramatically, you need to say the following affirmations to yourself, often-

  1. Say that whatever has happened has happened for my betterment.
  2. Say that it happened because of my previous birth Karmas.
  3. Say that now is the time to reverse all my negative Karmas.
  4. Say that I release all my negative emotions and replace them with positive thoughts.
  5. Say that I have been given a chance by Infinite Spirit to get liberation from sufferings and miseries.
  6. Say that I am a Divine and Powerful Soul.
  7. Say that there is the Divine Power around me all the time to keep me safe and protected in the Universe.
  8. Last but not least start doing Meditation regularly once or twice or as per your convenience.

Let me tell you one thing that by following these positive affirmations and by doing meditation with a proper schedule and by watching or reading positive and spiritual stuff daily; you will not only feel relaxed, peaceful but will also feel happy and contented from within your consciousness, for which you were craving for from so many years.  One more thing, which I am going to share here is that this entire process is the gateway to get the ultimate liberation.

Blaming is as easy as playing with toys but taking the charge needs guts.  It needs a strong person to say sorry after he or she has done something wrong but it needs an even stronger and determined person, who can forgive without getting an apology from someone who has given pain and hurt.

Believe me, if you indulge yourself in Positivity, Spirituality & Meditation, your life will be full of peace and happiness and for sure you would be able to forgive and be compassionate with those whom you think have given you pain and misery.

Happiness is not something which we get from somewhere or from someone or from something.  It is within all of us.  All we need to do is just change our thinking pattern.  It is rightly said (जैसी दृष्टि वैसी सृष्टि) as is our vision, so will be our world. Once our thinking pattern changes, our life changes.

Don’t be a beggar of love, peace and happiness rather work on yourself and create it within your consciousness and spread the same vibrations where ever you go.

Pain and misery is a wake up call from the Divinity to create a miracle in your life.  So believe in yourself and change your Destiny.

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