The unconditional Love…

The unconditional Love…

The unconditional Love…

The unconditional love that we seek.

Living a carefree life, bubbly, friendly and jovial was how Maya’s friend described her.  Right from her college days, going for interviews and then finally landing with a good job, she remained the same affable person that everyone took a liking to.  Life was fair, she took her share of happy times and not so good times with a stoic outlook. She loved making friends, going out for drinks, plays and musical programmes but movies she was very selective very rarely did she go for a movie only when it had five/four star rating.
Usually she loved going in groups but this time it was a little different. One of her close friend introduced her to a friend Ajay and she kept insisting that she felt that they would make a great pair and why was she holding herself back whenever she suggested.  So  Maya thought why not give it a try after all what was the harm in meeting him and her friend too would feel happy that she had respected her and followed her advice. So she told her friend to fix up the coming Saturday for their first date as she was free that coming weekend.

Ajay called her up and agreed to pick her up at eight so that they could proceed to the rooftop restaurant where he had booked a table for two at eight thirty. She was looking forward to meeting him after all that she had heard about him from her friend. Everything went well he came on time in fact, she was running a little late by ten minutes but they reached in time and liked what she saw of him, how he was dressed stylishly and not very casually, average looks but there was something about him that made him stand out from the rest. That was what was very appealing to her with the fact that he was a good conversationalist, witty with a sense of humour that added further charm to his personality . Now, she wanted to know more of him and was all set to enjoy a good dinner with a pleasant person for company.

Maya couldn’t believe her fate, sipping tea in this wonderful environment, smiling to herself, she laid her hand on Ajay’s, who was also mesmerized by the nights beauty that enveloped them. The moon in all its glory shone brightly, the uncountable stars that blinked and shied away from the lovers gaze, lending a velvety touch to the shimmer of the fool moon’s benevolent spark that landed a mysterious aura to the entire scenario.

Oh  my! Maya thought she didn’t want the night to end, it was too beautiful and perfect to let it pass.  It was like a dream come true. Was she really sitting here on the terrace oblivious of the world, lost in this trance that one doesn’t want to wake up from?  How lovely if life could be perfect and so beautiful!  A gnawing fear crept in, that what if it didn’t turn out the way she wished. Oh no, why should she doubt and spoil the moment?  Time moves on and we have to move with the times. Even a single moment is what we can’t hold or stop. So why worry?  So with a spring in her step and her heart  beating loudly against her chest they wished each other good night, with a promise to meet soon.  They then dispersed for the night.  After that she got on with her job, her usual routine and time just flew.
Immersed in work, not a moment to reflect, time passed and she couldn’t believe that  three days had passed and not a call nor a message from him.  She reprimanded herself that it’s possible even he could have been busy just as she was.  She didn’t want to spoil the memory of that night with him. She hoped that all would be fine and waited for his call or message.

She willed herself to not check her phone to see if he had replied.  It had been about three days now.  She hated that she was constantly checking his “last see at” status and yes he had logged in just five minutes ago.  Yet she couldn’t stop herself. This sinking feeling to find absolutely no communication from him was becoming unbearable, almost torturous.

And then just as she sat down in her chair, her phone vibrated. With her heart thudding in her ear she unlocked her phone and stared at the screen.  Finally it was his message.  But when she opened it and read it she nearly stopped breathing.  She didn’t know if he was joking or not; What was this?

Maya couldn’t believe so she read the message over and over again. She took hold of herself, calmed her nerves and let the meaning of the message sink in. The thought how could he be so indifferent and change his mind was something she couldn’t fathom. The depth in his eyes, the intensity in his voice, the vibes, the chemistry and the magical charm that enveloped them that night was so crystal clear and pure and yet this is what he had to convey that he wasn’t serious. It was a sham, a lie.  A betrayal to himself rather than to anyone else.  It is something which the human mind cannot solve that why do we prefer to live a life of sham rather than face the truth or do we get so frightened of the consequences that we would rather back out than face the music. How could he say that it was only friendship and nothing serious?  Was it that in her excitement to interpret the situation. She felt, she found her soul mate at last. Was she blind to the fact that it could be that he was not too much into her and it was all one sided? Was she hasty and quick to jump to conclusions?

In exasperation, she threw up her hands and looked up to see the fan whirring above her head; oh! that was exactly how she was feeling right now.  Her mind whirling with all the questions, doubts, anger, frustration, depression and a gamut of different emotions going on in her mind and making her feel utterly helpless and dejected.

In all this chaos, in walked her younger sister, who came and hugged her tight.  oh! when did you come Maya questioned Anita. She replied, my dear sister it’s one hour past, I have come and thought you were working so did not want to disturb you but couldn’t stop myself anymore and so barged in to see you lost in thought, what is the matter? Anything disturbing you my dearest sister?” No nothing at all, Maya answered.

That sentence and the jolt of how she was going round in circles, oblivious to the world, was enough to make her decide her fate.
In that one fleeting moment, Maya resolved to not shed a single tear on someone who didn’t value her. Proudly she threw back her head on the pillows thinking it was his loss and not hers. She would close this fairy tale like chapter and lead a happy, contented joyous life with her loved ones rather than look back and regret.

Whatever the pros and cons she had to accept that what he messaged her.  Life brings us to a crossroad, when we are left with no choice of our own but to accept the facts as they are and go with the flow.


Meenakshi Raina Posted on2:19 am - Feb 25, 2018

Some love stories are meant to teach us a big lesson. Hence, don’t get stuck to such painful and incompleted Stories rather move on in your life with those who truly loves and cares for you.

Beautiful piece…keep it up…

    Raadhaaki Posted on5:03 pm - Feb 25, 2018

    I love the details u’ve captured in the first and last date….of the skyscape —- the stars that shied away, the depth in his eyes, the intensity in his voice, his vibes and then her anxiously checking his Last Seen Status…

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