The World At Your Feet!

The World At Your Feet!

The World At Your Feet!
The world at your feet!
Give me space in your heart and let me reside over there.
Let me see my reflection in your eyes always ,
Show me your care, appreciation and your fondness for me
And I am yours for now and always .
Have been in search for true love from ages and centuries ,
Have the deepest desire to love someone beyond words ,
Fake and selfish feelings don’t draw me ,
It’s the essence of pure love that I search, want and will achieve.
It’s not a condition I lay , that show me care and I am at your feet ,
It’s the reciprocal love that we seek , to express and feel,
It’s the eternal love that brings about miracles ,you know
Otherwise it’s just the futile attempt to hunt and go empty handed.
Lovers come and lovers go , vows and promises made and broken.
Some love with a motive, and some fake love ,
Done and said today forgotten and changed tomorrow,
But we forget,change ,transform, is how life moves on ahead !
It’s Almighty s love that I seek and want , ,
The eternal love that will always remain constant ,
No waning and waxing like a new lovers love ,
No low and highs like the fickle minded one,
A love that increases every second, every minute ,
As day follows night and night brings a bright day ,
Each day and month it enriches and glows,
The peace,radiance ,to revel in that is bliss!
So why O , human you search for true love from another being
When real love knocks at your door day in and day out ?
Throw the blinders that bind you,
The shackles that chain you, The tears that sadden you,
Be not a fool and run after a mirage ,when its right there, in your soul ,in your heart,
The Real One ,waiting in silence ,and patient with the belief that you surely will return ,
To stay there for now and always , unflinching pure love is what you deserve and what you get in your search for pure, eternal unfailing blissful love.

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Aparna Posted on12:12 pm - Feb 13, 2018

falling in love and uniiting with god is the penultimate desire .

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