UNSPEAKEABLE; Shooting culture in mighty country

UNSPEAKEABLE; Shooting culture in mighty country

UNSPEAKEABLE; Shooting culture in mighty country








By Arbind Kumar

United States of America is known for its military might, technological advancement, Hollywood films, and for its songs. Americans claim they are the most punctual and committed to democracy and human rights. They also claim their economy is strong enough to absorb any shock and apply foreign policy more strongly. Many global giants, Google, Coca-Cola, and Apple etc. added values in USA. But, after whimsical firing in schools, there is outcry on soft state policy on gun ownership. There are increasing incidences of whimsical firing and killing. The US is the only country in the world to have bizarre gun ownership trend. Out of hundred household, 90 have guns. Gun is a symbol of power, and if there is no rival, from whom protection is required, one uses this weapon against their own people. Same thing is happening in the US. Films, superior racial attitude and superior country dilemma provoked citizens to own gun. 31 percent of total guns of the world, used to keep in houses, are in the US. It is stunning that the total population of US is 31 crore, where the total number of guns is 27 crore.

Security at stake-Florida is the most secured state of United States of America and the school shooting in Parkland, on the 14th of  Feb 2018, shocked and survivor children got to the president with an impassioned call to give urgent attention. To fade away the memory of shooting, it is being planned to demolish school building. But, what is the guarantee the next time an expelled student will not come in and will not play trigger of guns on his pleasure?

Ethnicity-In fact, American society is ethnically and racially diverse and has developed long before it became a country. This is country of Europeans migrants; they settled in colonies forming their own dialect, art, music, social customs etc. However, British and Irish influence is felt deeply. Racial behavior still affects society and incidences of racial abuse are reported as in India in case of cast violence.

Danger level

American developed world-class academic institutions and Harvard University’s economic impact is felt across the globe. Economists of this institution control the world economy through World Bank and other institutions. The effects of NSY stock exchange’s up-down is felt globally. In spite of these developments, Americans society is inherently becoming tense, an undercurrent conflict is steaming up and social bond and fabric are losing its strength, therefore, it is leaning towards danger level.


Florida shooing send shock waves and fear grips in across America. American’s gun culture is paying heavily. Moreover, children are becoming a soft target. This is other carnage in recent years when so many children at school were targeted by their own peer. In China, between 2010-12, school children were often targeted, but not even in a single case gun were used. Though in the same period, five incidences of gun firing occurred in the US and 78 people lost their lives, and shootings were 13 times more lethal than China.

Impassioned call-

Frequent shooting incidences raised an eyebrow in almost all quarters of the US. Some state this as psycho disorder cases rising in; some relate these incidences to anomalies in a colonial establishment with a varying mindset and inherent social conflict.

Strain in society

American culture is the amalgamation of different European cultures. With old age population burgeoning, society is under tremendous strain that’s why Obama care got prominence in previous president tenure. Frequent shooting incidences need to be addressed by the society itself. Social revolution and consensus are required against guns.


In most shooting cases, culprits are US national. It is more disturbing and mind-boggling how an expelled student or anybody gets an automatic rifle and ride on his whim and pull the trigger indiscriminately. 20-year-old Adam Lanza gunned down 20 children in Newtown, Connecticut on 14th Dec 2012. All dead children were six to seven-year-olds. Before coming to school, Lanza got to his Newtown home and had gunned his mother and finally committed suicide by shooting himself. Again, on 14 Feb 2018, it was Florida’s turn. Florida, considered as the most secure in all states of the US. 19 year Nikolas Cruz, an expelled student, raised an alarm in Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland and opened fire with semi-automatic AE-15 assault rifle leaving 17 students dead and many wounded. Debate fuelled up, where the US is going? Largely, shooting in the US is common. It happens at schools, restaurant, pub, petrol pump and even at home.


Owning a gun is considered a basic right here. Crime is abnormally the part of society. America is the only country in the world to have the largest amount gun and these guns are as easy to buy as other things. USA population is only 4.4% of world population, where 41% of world’s guns are in US’s common man house. According to global data, the number of shooting cases occurs in America, are largest among developed countries. Sociological and psychological reasons are that society has not come out of conflict situation. But the bigger question is how long the US would pay for the gun culture?


Gun culture trends are also considered due to Hollywood films in the decade of 1990 of previous centuries, in which gang wars in cities were filmed aggressively.


Shooting can happen anywhere in the world. A report came out in 2016 analyzed shooting cases between 2000 to 2014, says, US witnessed 133 such cases, where, in Finland, only two cases occurred that claimed 18 lives, and in Switzerland, only one case occurred that claimed 14 lives. Professor Franklin Jeemering and Gardon Howkins of University of California, Barkley, say, shooting in the US happens to be more lethal than any country in the world.

Next to US-

Switzerland is next to the US in gun ownership, but getting a license here is not easy as in America. Yemen is the only country after the US, where most cases of shooting occur.


The basic concept behind any weapon is protection not claiming lives. Since the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School three years ago, US has lost over 90,000 Americans so far in gun violence. This is social crisis and shooting is becoming epidemic. Citizens of US can only help themselves if they resolve to give away gun culture.

(Writer is a journalist and soft skill trainer, E-mail;arbind03@yahoo.com, arbindji02@gmail.com, cell-9424753979.

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Aparna Posted on6:20 am - Feb 26, 2018

A socially relevant issue highlighted with the right research and facts.

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