We the wonderful creations on Earth

We the wonderful creations on Earth

We the wonderful creations on Earth

By Shreyansh Dixit

There should be no doubt that we are the only magnificent creatures living on this planet earth. However among the millions of creations by Almighty on this planet, almost all of us would not have even seen all the creatures in existence today and it is sure that we would not be able to encounter even a small percentage of them in our life time.

Many of such creatures posses astonishing capabilities with amazing art, like changing body colours, jumping much higher than us, going much deeper or flying much higher than us but over the years we have managed to excel all of them and devised various ways to surpass any of the capability through inventions by only few of us in the past and with the aid of which we are the supreme creatures as on date. Thanks to that miniscule men/women in the sea of human population that we proudly share this tag of supremacy among millions of creatures in land and ocean.

It would be surprising to know that  It is only human who takes the longest time to perform even  a basic activity of standing up  and walking  after birth as compared to all other creatures. In fact we take much of our time in absorbing and developing the most important organ of our body – The Brain, which is akin to growing of a Chinese bamboo which grows in five years and three months to stand eighty feet tall but its only after five years that it really shoots off the ground in just three month to such a great height and until five years its barely visible on the ground.

The pre frontal lobe in our brain has been gifted with a power that probably other creatures are devoid of; one such amazing capability in the pre frontal cortex is an activity of dreaming and imagination.

However, the only problem with many of us is that we do not enjoy this marvellous capability of ours in right perspective and do nothing to create or innovate.

There are only a few of us who question the status quo and dream to devise a new strategy to accomplish the impossible.

Those who have created, dedicate themselves to a specific cause, desire the impossible (Wright brothers tried flying metal in air), persist (Edison failed ten thousand times) and have faith (Karoly Takacs won Olympic medals in pistol shooting with left hand after losing his pistol shooting right hand in an accident) in their capabilities to design a new product .

The basic problem with majority of us is our limited thinking.

The moment we are born, we are fed with the opinions of others, including our parents, who install the concept of “doable” and “not doable” based on their own experiences, and make us believe of our own capabilities, which we transfer to our subconscious mind. Once the limitation is embedded deep inside our subconscious mind, our potentiality of doing and imaging greater goals will get reduced.

It’s time to rethink and reinvent ourselves, and for doing that, the first step would be to remove all the clutter which has been fed into our mind, the thoughts which has made us believe of our personality types, likes, dislikes and our potentiality of performing  certain acts with limitations. Here are a few steps to try for a change and it should really start immediately, the very next morning when we wake up! Or may be at this moment!

It’s akin to the slogan by Nike …just do it!

If you want to lose weight just start that forty five minutes’ walk now!

Step 1:

Decide what time you want to wake up tomorrow, do not set an alarm, and in case you set it up, get up within five seconds, as after that your mind may give you logic and excuses for not getting up then. You may keep your morning gears and shoes etc. in the night before near the bed as a “Totka” (or a firm belief of yours of your intentions, the night before).

Step 2:

Immediately, start the intended activity. Go out and feel the freshness of the air, observe anything which you can see or feel more closely. The intensity of the breeze, the trees and the activities of the birds or other creatures around and appreciate the feel and the sight. Try to be in “now” with no thoughts of the task in hand at office today or on the events of yesterday.

Just be there and feel the present with no thought attached to it.

Step 3:

While bathing, imagine all clutters and toxins inside the body going down the drain. Visualise the internal dirt in mind (those sticky thoughts of greed, jealously, anger, and fear) and the toxins inside the body clearly leaving out and going to the drain along with water in a black streak. You may close your eyes while doing so.

You can visualise those black viscous substance embedded in your brain melting away and the clear, shining nerves of your brain glittering again.

Step 4:

Thank God for all that you have at present and all the activities you have so far performed after waking up, as many are not capable of even these and settle for meditation at a predetermined and specific place and time. Do a little bit of Kapalbhati and Pranayam, feel the body from bottom to top and from head to feet, feel the skin, the inside of the body, relax all your muscles as you feel the particular body part and be aware of all the sounds in the surroundings, accept those and then ignore! Keep attention on your breath, feel it all the way in inhalation to exhalation.

Listen to everything around, accept and do not listen! Watch the thoughts! Travel with them and then leave them completely midway.

After continuous practice on daily basis you may come to a state of thoughtlessness quickly, be with it as long as possible (as it will be just momentary).

Repair your body mentally with any of the tools you desire which you can use, May it be any mechanical device which can clean your arteries, veins and every part of your body. Visualise cutting the rotten parts, if any, repairing various organs mentally.

Visualise your curing lab with racks where you have kept various liquid medicines which can cure you, take them and rejenuvate every part of your body.

Do this daily and you will be amazed of the increased vitality and vigour in yourself.

However, meditation is in variety of forms but can be used remarkably well for body healing and then for realizing one’s dreams, one’s inner desires! One’s inherent capabilities for serving to all needy ones, its only then the wealth can flow to you and enable you to create something new, which can help millions of people across the world for years to come.

So Arise! Awake! and find your inner desires to serve the mankind…..Now!!

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Shreyansh Dixit
Shreyansh Dixit

Mr. Shreyansh Dixit , an altruistic man in his early 50s, identifies himself first as a motivational speaker and then the Chief Manager at Indian Oil Corporation. Not only does he ardently follow various ideas of eminent thinkers but also perseveres to interpret and question them at an individualistic level. Having completed several full and half Marathons, Shreyansh pursues to go beyond the general exegesis of life to find what appeals to him, and humanity at large, the most.


Aparna Posted on1:03 am - Feb 10, 2018

Great insights!

Suyash Posted on7:25 am - Feb 10, 2018

Nice article with suggestions worth trying.

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