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March 2018

Corruption; let’s free it from within

People are heard preaching that Honesty is the best policy. Alas! they don’t practice what they preach. A large section of society actually advocates ‘Honesty is not the best policy’. What is the thought process of such people? They are… Continue Reading →

A Blink with a Wink

The LEFT blinked; The RIGHT winked The HAND said- “WELCOME HONEY”. Both laughed and raised a toast, “For nothing is as sweet as MONEY”   For a newborn arriving in the hospital, Birth by c-section could turn fatal… The cut… Continue Reading →

What corruption brought!

The television screams in the living room The commercial claims to dispel the gloom XYZ detergent pulls out all stains from fabric What about the stains of corruption on the social fabric? A tottering pensioner could do with such a… Continue Reading →

DREAM INDIA: Poetry that makes a Difference

I am a bureaucrat  Divide and rule The Corrupt’s biggest tool Remember the crooked monkey Whom two cats asked to divide a roti Bit by bit the smart ape ate every bite balancing  heavy plate with the light Facetious cats… Continue Reading →

The REAL Solution to Corruption and Bribery: Building an Ethical Culture

The overall outlook for India remains positive with its economic growth expected to accelerate. Sadly bribery and corruption continue to pose a significant challenge in India, threatening said economic growth. Not only has it stunted the country’s growth but it… Continue Reading →

Understanding Corruption In Depth

Welcome to the never-never land where we discuss how to eradicate corruption… the digital space! Even here, “how to eradicate corruption” is a never-never land, for the Spark platform is one of the few to invite readers and contributors on… Continue Reading →

Nagaraja Sharma, the Scholar Second to None

By Late T R Varaaha Murthy, M.A. A rare orator on religious topics, a post graduate and a doctor in Sanskrit, Nagaraja Sharma has born in Malur, Kolar District, Karnataka – India, in the year 1936. His father late S.M.Seetharamaiah… Continue Reading →

Salty love

By Arbind Kumar It was daybreak when Pummy got up perplexed and looked around. A glass full of water was lying on the cub board. Neatly cleaned and folded towel was hanging on the wire in the passage. She leaned… Continue Reading →


  The other day, I was seated with a group of people discussing development in India. The moment someone mentioned the word “politician”, everybody else came out with adjectives like liar, selfish, greedy, corrupt, power- hungry so on and so… Continue Reading →

Do You Have Answer Of These Questions?

With an Attitude of Gratitude to My Mentors, who guided me since my Childhood, I developed the Habit the Reading during my childhood and since then there has been no looking back. This article is the first in the series… Continue Reading →

How Can We Wipe Out The Corruption and Bribery from India?

With an Attitude of Gratitude to Ms. Sahana Mam for Blessing me with an opportunity to be the part of the Beautiful Family of Spark, I am pleased to share my First Article on  Sparking.Biz. This all started, when they… Continue Reading →

Women Enpowerment

      Women Empowerment Abstract “If you educate a men you educate an individual, however, if you educate a women you educate a whole family. Women empowered means mother India empowered” -“Nehru “ The subject of empowerment of women… Continue Reading →

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