The term ‘Women Empowerment’ in its own self is hype because women need not
be empowered. ‘Women’ in other words itself mean empowered. As we all women
have the capacity of controlling themselves, their family, people around them
wherever they are.There is a saying ‘There is a woman behind every
successful man.’ Not a man behind a successful woman.

In man’s life, a woman plays a very important role. She plays a role as a sister, a friend, a partner, a
mother, and a grandmother. Though she stands a step behind the man, she helps him and
guides him to take the right path at every step of his life. Yet retaining her individuality
also not affecting his independence. She grooms a man, instills
values in him from his childhood and makes him a man. She, in turn, empowers man by
encouraging him to stand up for the right when he is broken and fallen down.

Not only that, she also knows how, when and where to tell what.

As a child she cuddles him, as a lad she shows love and affection, as a father she
guides him standing by his side, as a grandfather she takes care for him like a
small child yet respect him as an individual. Women always stand behind the
scene and allow men to go forward but still be beside him all the time.
When time demands, she not only takes the role of a man and takes care of her
family, she also proves to the world that she is ‘independent’ playing the roles successfully.

Women are capable of taking almost any role.


The sad part is Women, as individuals do not understand their capacity, so try to
prove themselves better than men. They always see themselves a step behind
men and think that they are weaker. They fail to understand that they are the
makers of men. The term women’s day or women empowerment is just like
celebrating one’s birthday once in a year, where empowering women comes into
focus all this is because a woman fails to understand herself and her strengths
and this is hype.

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