Women :  Ras, rahasya, sahitya !!!








Power to embark everyone.

But what about her ?

Is she really powerful?

Can she derive her decision ?

Can she ask whatever she want?

Can she express her want?

Can she fulfill her dream?

Can she lend her money or help?

Can she make choices?

You might say, yes: why not?

But is it really true?

Let’s just talk about the women in the present scenario.

Are they free to choose a career?

Life partner?


Wait for a little more

Are you given a standing in the family affair?

Legal right?

Property right?

Marital right?


Can you

Move freely anytime?

Express freely?

Your choice really matters for all?

The answer we all know very well



Thy role and responsibilities are different now.


Thy name has a mystery which no one can resolve.

A woman is a complete circle of influence or in short, it can be compared to light.

As light clears out darkness, the same way a woman at every stage, serve as a lighthouse for the entire family and friends.

Many contributions, a successful caravan of achievers.

But down the line,

Does anyone bother to look beyond?

Does a close encounter with the success of a loved one is really equal to your own success?

Empowerment is really the most declare way of exaggeration of the efforts made by us.

A stitch at in time saves nine, but what if it all belongs to the other person.

Loading life and crowning for a day, does it make any sense?

Instead of relieving, every path is filled with more thorns.

So if you wish to be really of a significant value.

Adopt a few strategies.

  • Develop a Me Time zone.
  • Get an exclusive zone as per your choice.
  • Don’t work and relax as per others.
  • Reciprocate your ideas and expressions freely.
  • Develop your passion or hobby.
  • Let your loved ones give for same.
  • Be a person carrying your attitude.
  • Make sure to do correct choices every day.
  • Be it in nature, behavior or feeling.

It’s all a mysterious cycle, starts from nowhere but definitely ends with the smile on the loved one.

But just to see that smile, how much she toils, no one would ever know.

We all know the typical situation where she would have turn down the decision of her partner, to let her child go for a marriage, or worked six to seven hours in the kitchen for an unknown relative or kept awake whole night along with kid to help him to prepare for board exams.

We would feel, this is all normal, it happens in every house, so what so great about it.

But do you really know the real picture behind?

Do you any time wonder

Is there anything which you need to know about this woman?

Is there anything which you can do at all?

Is there a reality of existence beyond your relations?

Is she really capable of doing things more than your imagination?

What contribution can you do to make her happier?


My dear friends!

Each and everyone, who is reading this!

Need to understand the reality and importance of the women in your life

It could be your mother, sister, girlfriend, boss or partner.

We all need to relate her existence more than our relationship.

She is in a relationship, doing any and everything to make you happy.You also got to do things to make her happy.

Let’s see how

For partners in living or marital relationship:


  •     Females have the characteristic sixth sense which alerts consciousness at any interval of time to surpass any danger to her loved ones. A            male partner generally passes out as just nothing special.
  •     Being alert and attentive to her need is the best way to win her.
  •     A woman gives all her joy to see you happy, so its mandatory for you to show your affection from time to time.


  • Be with her for some more time, maybe a little off beat, but definitely makes your life more beautiful.
  • Like your wish, she also has feelings to nurture in a sexual relationship.
  • Be supportive of her expressions in whatever form she desires.
  • A loving and fulfilling sexual experience can lead a very strong foundation for your family.
  • A woman with low confidence doesn’t know how to reciprocate her relationship, develops a low esteem for herself and often could be prey to domestic violence it doesn’t get a mature and responsible man.
  • This is nothing but an exploitation of the sexual urge which is not met in a desirable way by her partner
  • So if we have to brief up hard emotion or unexpressed wish, all these could also be erased with impeccable touch and respect.
  • We try hard to find the other measure like fasts, prayers, Godmanship.
  • Here giving your partner an adequate chance of expression, lead a blissful life where your sibling also learns to equate the equation with respect.

But unfortunately, many time situation is reversed.

You see the woman of the house, sacrificing all her energy for making a peaceful environment, because the man of her dream comes there, only to puncture the scene.

Here sibling learn to equate to the situation with power and money,

A sense of judgment and empathy, when lost; there is nothing left there.

Such kids dwell on crime, thefts or even sexual molestation.

Every relation needs an objective to live, a goal to meet.

To reach these goals you need to adhere to specific plans for the welfare of everyone.

Relationship goals are more difficult than professional goals.

Reel life relations:

All other relationship apart from above ones are called Reel life relations.

The real is the sequence of specific picture or scene in a pattern to make it more beautiful.

The same way a woman is incomplete without all her relationship. Whether it’s a mother’s charm or sister’s gluttony or brother’s teasing list, along with the mighty in-laws or difficult neighborhood family or funny friends

Each relation adds a color to her charm. A journey of color and fragrances to feel, to discover, to uproot, to ignore also.

Everywhere she grasps a new life.

Sometime in herself, sometimes in others, maybe in near ones or to a distant relative or God knows where.

We feel who cares, who remember;

There is always a higher jury,

Many time not noticeable ;

Deep down,

Whispering in your heart


Thy creation is mine!

I am selfless.

So do you!

So why to bargain



Just be there

to uphold

Love to infinity,

to give and receive,

to each soul.

Love you Zindagi.




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Aparna Posted on4:22 pm - Mar 17, 2018

seeds of empowerment are sown in childhood.

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