Kanha’s penchant for mischief led him to play many pranks on Yamuna’s banks. But that twilight saw him a tad sober. The natural  Lover that he was, he took in Radha with all his senses. Seated on a lotus bed, her sole focus was their separation ahead…”Radha many may find you a figment of their imagination, but I know, couched in your ravishing frame is a woman of immense intuition. Long before Vrindavan knew it, you sat right here and hit that verbal arrow.’Kanha, not many a tomorrow lies between us…My sorrow is too deep for tears, in penance, will I live my years!’ Radha, mine is a twisted fate that won’t see you as my lifemate. Often you say I am your lifeline. But today I swear that you are my life breath, my inspiration to love beyond life and death. With the trees, rocks and holy waters as a witness, here, I lay my breath, my flute at your feet, my Goddess! When I am gone, you will not be woebegone! Your music will immortalize our love and breathe life into the beaten hearts of man, woman, plant, peacock, and cow!  The power of love that you  wield, will yield solace to any heart that bleeds!” Holding just her finger, his eyes lingered on hers —– the twin lamps of shakti and bhakti.A hush descended on the scene. Nature was stumped by what it had seen!