Color your Soul this Holi

Color your Soul this Holi

Color your Soul this Holi

Color your Soul this Holi


Holi is a festival of joy and a day of merrymaking with loved ones. Let us celebrate Holi in a different way this time by adding colors of forgiveness, gold, hope, freedom, acceptance and YOU.


  1. Color of Forgiveness


Someone hurt you deeply in the past or you may be carrying the guilt of adding distress in someone’s life. Forgive yourself and the person who caused you trouble. This world is a stage and we are all actors, here to play our respective roles. See your life as a spectator, and do yourselves a favor. Call up or meet that person, sort it out and give peace to YOU and her/him.


  1. Color of Gold

When something appears to be broken what do you do? Do you throw it away and replace it with something new? Or do you try to mend it together to form something different and beautiful?

This is the underlying philosophy behind the Japanese pottery of art called kintsugi. The broken pieces are not thrown away. Instead, they are mended back together with gold lacquer.

It is very easy to mask ourselves to look perfect. We want to show the world in person and on social media that we are flawless. We have the perfect relationship, perfect luxuries, and knowledge. Perfection stops us from learning and moving forward. Why hide our imperfections. Let us honor our imperfections by covering them with the color of gold and continue learning, growing and contributing to self and society, to make this world a beautiful place.


  1. Color of Hope


I add this color of hope to discuss the brutal atrocities we see against women. But where does it all start? How does a kid, who is as blameless and unadulterated, grows up to be an abuser who demonstrates no regard for women? Kids do what they see. If they see the role of a mother as a woman who bears and of a father who swears, he may assume that is the way of life. Let us add a color of hope to the families to educate their children to respect themselves by respecting women.


  1. Color of Gratitude


Take this day as an opportunity to thank the people who made a difference in your life. Express gratitude to the higher order, that always guides and keeping us positive. Thank yourself for pushing yourself consistently despite challenges to be the person you are today.


  1. Color of Acceptance


Each one of us has the freedom to choose our career, our life partner, our self-worth, our values and our mindset. Let us give each other our own space in the world so that they do not feel caged in a world pulling them away from where they want to be and expressing themselves as they are.

Each one of us is awesome in our own way and we are thriving to be more amazing. Let us respect our differences: in communication, learning styles, choices, culture, caste, and religion. Today add the color of acceptance so that we can learn, contribute and grow together.


  1. Color of You


You can achieve anything you aspire to achieve in life. Just never give up. There are many hurdles that will try to pull you down but you are stronger. Keep putting in your effort and hard work and you will meet success. Life will tempt you to react or respond to a situation. Take your pick. If you react by being aggressive or depressed, you will make your journey longer and harder to your destination. However, if you respond by being calm and positive, you will create a beautiful life for yourself and others.


Happy Holi!!!!



Rajat Soni
Rajat Soni

Rajat Soni is a globally Certified Teen Life Coach and Motivational Speaker, helping teenagers channelize their energy in the positive direction. He has assisted his clients in overcoming shyness and social anxiety, self-esteem concerns, learning difficulty and lack of motivation by enabling a strategic goal-setting process for them. Writing liberates him,connects him to his inner self and also provides him an opportunity to make a difference in the life of others. He is a published author and also has a blog.For more info please visit


Aparna Posted on2:27 am - Mar 1, 2018

There woukd be no dearth of joy in life if we added the colours of hope, gratitude , acceptance to it.

Aparna Posted on2:28 am - Mar 1, 2018

happy holi

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