People are heard preaching that Honesty is the best policy. Alas! they don’t practice what they preach. A large section of society actually advocates ‘Honesty is not the best policy’. What is the thought process of such people? They are on a hunt for easy ways out, shortcuts to overcome challenges as well as to achieve success and progress in a speedy way. Even if it means to impact the society in a wrong way, they don’t care! This is why India is one of the highest corruption effected country in the world.

The term anti – social doesn’t remain anti for people who support dishonesty. They may show off their participation in social activities but are equally part of activities supporting corruption. In short, such people believe truly that they can happily promote corruption without realising its strong rooted negative consequences borne by the society. Funnily, this is contagious because these kind of people not only promote corruption but encourage others to practice it by portraying how beneficial it us to oneself. On the other hand, there are people who are honest and more valuable to the society. In their journey of honesty, they do face tantrums thrown by the corruption supporting group of the society.

I am a personal growth strategist and have come across many such cases. I would be sharing a few of them below:

Who is corrupt ?

A 25-year-old boy owning an NGO was working really hard to get funds. Since he refused to be a part of the corruption arena, his files for funds were misplaced. With so much struggle, he was still adamant to not follow the corrupt route and started managing funds from his personal reliable sources rather than the specialized dedicated NGO funds from the government. I have personally studied the background of this boy and he could have gone places if he was allotted the government funds specifically to NGO category. Unfortunately, rarely such individuals get support. And there are NGO’s who are also misusing government funds, that is again a part of corruption, wherein a country like there are numerous NGO’s and the only handful is working for the right cause.

Another example is that of a Director of a reputed organization who I came across around three months back. After learning about his background and other details, it was clear that he had a section of people who adored him for his ‘Honesty is the best policy’ and also a section of people who hated him so much for the same. His tenure of work displayed better team and department performances. The results of his work were so good that at one time the management decided to give him one more tenure of work. At the same time, there were strong allegations against him by the ‘non- honest’ group of people who didn’t want him to continue his tenure. Such situations created by the wrongdoings of some people lead to evil winning over good.

When I worked as a Project Manager with five-star hotels in my time of Human Resource training, we were strictly instructed that anything above

Rs.1000 should not be accepted as a gift and would be completely against the code of conduct of the company. If someone was found guilty, an extreme measure would have been taken. These restrictions were put in place to safeguard the honesty policy in people working for the hotels.

 Corruption within 

Some of my incidents also to be shared here. While shopping at a local boutique in Andheri, I bought a clutch, paid for it and rushed to the airport as I was traveling somewhere. When I reached the airport, I realized that my shopping bag had two clutches instead of one. I immediately called up the boutique to apologize and inform them and made sure the clutch was returned when I was back. They also appreciated this attitude and mentioned that rarely people revert like this. If anyone dishonest would have been in this place, that person would have been happy to be able to receive the free gift and never would have called back the boutique. What I mean to say here is, we have to say NO to any kind of dishonesty during our daily activity, that will help us to free our soul from corruption when we will face it.

Corruption free, youth can achieve

Recently, I got an opportunity to be a speaker along with two other guest speakers at a reputed educational institution of India. While interacting closely with students, one of the speakers who was a social entrepreneur stated that funding is the most challenging job to perform as you need to bribe the system. This thought triggered a question from a student stating that a lot of students want to pursue administrative service or civil service, in fact, get the position by bribing because they feel they will earn multiple times more than the bribe itself when they get the job. With a discussion on this question, we had an in-depth discussion with the students against corruption. We all three speakers were then of the opinion that we hope to change their mindset and make them realize their responsibility for a corruption free nation.

Empowered women in Corruption

Let me mention – Women have no excuse for this. They have been an equal part of the corrupt system. Actions like bribing the traffic police after breaking rules are one of the simplest examples. Don’t we say an educated woman educates the entire society!!! If women ensure good deeds it can benefit the world on a very large scale. Women are said to have great convincing power. We all know how Eve convinced Adam to eat the apple. Even Sales and marketing see more Women due to their high dynamism. Similarly, a Mother is said to have a higher impact on child’s growth and development.

The eradication of corruption from the system is whose responsibility?

It is each and everyone’s responsibility, but few sections of people can impact more to remove corruption from the society.

  • If Women take the oath of anti-corruption and act on it by being proactive in the day to day life ensuring people around them say complete NO to corruption, a humungous impact shall be visible in the society in a short span of time.
  • We need schools and colleges to have anti-corruption drives educating the students at the root why it is important to not give water to the plant of corruption.
  • Every organization should lay a strong anti-corrupt foundation and take strict actions against corrupt executives.
  • At an individual level, all of us need to take up the responsibility of not encouraging corruption. If this meant to walk alone on that path, we should not hesitate to do so.
  • Our Government should have ‘Zero Tolerance’ for corruption in the system. They should have strong scrutiny at every micro and macro level at regular intervals until corruption is fully out of the system.

Nevertheless, Like Charity, Honesty starts from home too! If we are honest and we have one act of honesty every day, we will slowly inspire other to be absolutely honest too. We need to understand that our soul needs to be free form corruption and desire of getting more. Greediness knows no limit and doesn’t lead to peace of mind in any way. So, ask yourself what is it that you want? Corruption is no doubt deeply rooted but also where there is a will, there is a way. We as a society need to join hands to work towards an honest society.