Do You Have Answer Of These Questions?

Do You Have Answer Of These Questions?

Do You Have Answer Of These Questions?

With an Attitude of Gratitude to My Mentors, who guided me since my Childhood, I developed the Habit the Reading during my childhood and since then there has been no looking back.

This article is the first in the series titled “How are Some Organisations or People Very Successful while Others are Not.”

My Life Long Dream is to Inspire People to Reach their True Potential to Achieve Dreams and Live Life With Full of Happiness. In pursuance of this Dream, I am sharing my insights for my readers.

As I am very fortunate enough to do my Own Business through Revolutionary Industry of 21st Century since 3+ years and fortunately got Amazing Association and Foundation To Build Empire from Scratch!!!

Before I start sharing those views, I would like to make some deal here as to learn about anything, We need to have Open Mind and Guts to see things as it is! I know many of you who are reading this might have a horrible experience in past few years or months or recently as well in any aspect of your Life.

But you and I both know the reason behind it…

So I am requesting you to read this article with NEUTRAL PERCEPTION! to understand reality as it is!

What is Meaning of Business? Why I should do my own Business? How I can do business as I don’t belong to such family background, town, city, state or country?

Ready???? Let’s start then…

• Let’s Understand What’s Definition of BUSINESS?

Many MBA Studies Says that It’s Exchange of Products or Services for Money!! Which is Technically Partially True! But It will not convey real essence of BUSINESS!!

Now to Understand that we need to observe the Nature of Human Behavior. Now Let’s Go back to 100-150 years before:

  • What was Human Behavior 100-150 Years Ago to Survive and to fulfill their Daily needs?
  • What was Human Behavior Before 50-70 years to survive and to fulfill their daily needs?
  • What was Human Behavior Until 20-25 years Before to survive and to fulfill their daily need?
  • What was Human Behavior before 10-15 years to Survive and to fulfill their daily needs?
  • What will be Human Behavior after 10-15 years to Survive and to fulfill their Daily needs?
  • What will be Human Behavior after 50-70 years to survive and to fulfill their daily needs?
  • What will be Human Behavior after 100-150 years to Survive and to fulfill their daily needs?

You can take your time to answer these questions to understand what I am going to say further…

What did you understand by those answers?

Exactly, You can easily Understand How Human Behavior Changed as Per Needs for Survival!!

Now We heard many times from our Parents or Grand Parents that Why are you so busy that you don’t have time to even breathe…?

We will have thoughts that you won’t understand even if I try to share that why I am so busy every day! But If we want to figure it out the root cause of this behavior, we need to see the Reality as it is no matter how hard it is!

Because once we can see things as it is, there are possibilities that we can change it as well…



Now Let’s Discuss what exactly we need, To live Happily and Fulfilling Life with Peace and Prosperity!!! As We are Human Beings, We have one Advantage as well as disadvantage which No Technology or No Machine Can replace it!!

And that’s is…


Now If you look around you, what you are seeing…

Let’s say…

  • While you are trying to sleep, what kind of thoughts are going on?
  • While you woke up and what’s first thought in your mind?
  • While you are driving, what’s your state of mind?
  • While you are in office, what’s the feeling whole day?
  • While you are on vacation, where is your mind mentally?
  • While you are watching T.V, What exactly you are seeing..T.V or In a flow of past incidents?

I believe that we all can relate our emotions as at the end we all are same (Human Beings)..

So I was in the same situation as you might be facing right now that “We are having so many days at the end of the money.”

Isn’t it??

But Best Part Is That God Gave Best Gift To All Of Us Is That We Have the Power To Change It!!!

Now Here is The Answer Which We All Are Looking For…

What To Do To Change it?????

Simple Answer is …. Take Control Of Your Time and Money!!

Wow What an amazing Realisation to change our current circumstances to lead Better Life!!! So I would like to introspect with yourself for next 24 Hours to figure it out the answer for –

How Can I Take Control Of My Time and Money?

What Kind of Job or Business I should do to Have all Kind of Abundance and Prosperity in my life?

As My Mentor always says that “Hiren, Remember One thing always, that whenever you get a question then have Absolute Faith that Answer Lies within you only, It’s just matter of Time and Your efforts to seek it desperately to get it!”

So., See You All After 24 Hours With Your Answers Hopefully!!

Stay Blessed!
Jay Shree Krishna!!!

About the Author:

Hiren Patel a College DropOut in 3rd Year Engineering is a Spiritual Millionaire and a Professional Networker.

He is running his Speaklish English Academy in Rajkot along with his Sister Julie Patel. He is working on Revolutionary Concept of Direct Selling Industry with an International PlatformHe aspires to Inspire People to Reach Their True Potential To Achieve Dreams and Live Life With Full of Happiness.

He is the one of the Founding Members of IN THE ZONE. IN THE ZONE  means Staying in Zone where Person Unleashes his Potential. It’s like you are in Environment (ZONE) where you feel that Everything is Possible for You.

IN THE ZONE is about Creating New Possibilities, New Hopes, New Beliefs through the Infinite Intelligence!!!

Hiren Patel
Hiren Patel

Hiren Patel belongs to the city of Rajkot, Gujarat. He dropped out off his engineering college as he always wanted to be an entrepreneur. He has done many traditional business in different areas like real estate, imitation jewelry, restaurant.Now he is working on a revolutionary concept of direct selling since 3+ years all across globe. Also, as per vision of my mother, he is running an education academy in Rajkot by the name of Speaklish English Academy.

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Hitangxi Bhuta Posted on2:15 pm - Jul 14, 2018

Nice article Hirenji keep it up ????

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