Empowered from within…

Empowered from within…

Empowered from within…


“I can’t take up a job as my husband wouldn’t allow.”

“My mother in law prefers that I cook. Hence, even after a 9-6 job I must come home and prepare a meal.”

“My dad didn’t want me to learn dancing. So, I quit!”

“My parents are under a lot of pressure for us to get married as we are two sisters and have no brother.”
These are some gut-wrenching statements, I hear on a daily basis but what’s more disheartening is that the society has conditioned women so much to ‘OBEY THE ORDERS’ that they don’t even know if they have a choice to think or feel any other way. We ‘OBEY’ the decisions our family has made for us and learn to make peace with it.

Empowerment’s dictionary meaning authority or power given to someone to do something.
If we go by this definition, it would mean that you need someone else to empower you which would also mean that it can be taken away at any moment! This outlook itself is what’s not right.


Empowerment lies within. 

It comes when you attain confidence in your abilities and perform without worrying about others instead you perform for yourself to achieve your own goals.It comes when you feel accountable for yourself and your own decisions. It’s when you understand that your family is looking out for the best for you but at the end of the day it’s your life and no one else is living it for you.

Thankfully, times are changing now and there are many women who are empowering themselves and being an inspiration to millions.


When I see a woman in her pilot’s uniform looking extremely smart and confident, ready to take charge of the aircraft I feel empowered.

When I see a woman in a leadership role working with her male counterparts I feel empowered.

When I see a woman in the army marching along with other soldiers I feel empowered.
When I see a housewife participating in financial decisions with her husband I feel empowered.

When I see a sister helping her brother with his homework I feel empowered.



When I see my 65-year-old grandma booking a cab from her smartphone and going to her friend’s place for a fun evening, on her own, I feel empowered.

Empowerment’s true meaning is when you take ownership of your life and thereby your

choices, you become emotionally strong, have confidence in yourself and faith in your abilities. You understand that the onus of your being lies with you.

So, go ahead woman attain great heights, live a great life as you are and have always been

Empowered from Within!


Aparna Posted on3:32 pm - Mar 17, 2018

its high time a woman took self responsibility

Meenakshi Raina Posted on9:15 am - Mar 18, 2018

Very truly explained how a woman can help herself to get empowered by being confident & strong from within.

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