Knowledge of Karma Philosophy engenders ‘Spirituality’.

Knowledge of Karma Philosophy engenders ‘Spirituality’.

Knowledge of Karma Philosophy engenders ‘Spirituality’.

Whenever, we happen to face any chaotic situation or get encountered with any trauma in our lives, we start worrying.  We feel it is natural to get stressed in such challenging situations.  We don’t feel good in such a turbulent temperament but negative commentary prevails our mind and goes on and on.  With no time, we become fretful and absurd in our behaviour.  No sooner, does it starts affecting our health and our relationships too.  We become indifferent and intolerant which leads us to depression.

Although, people around us try to console us to feel us better but nothing seems helpful because it is something which kills us from within.  So outwardly, people can say lot of things like don’t worry, don’t take tension, everything will be alright, have faith in Almighty and so on.  But does it really help? No.

Hence, here comes the essence of knowledge about Law of Karma.  Now, you might be thinking that how come it is going to help us to cope up with any type of stress or any type of agony.  Well, don’t we feel relaxed by getting a satisfied answer to a question which was creating discomfort in our mind for long?  In the same way, we would feel relaxed and peaceful when we get the awareness of our life happenings.  In life, challenges and unfavourable situations do come from time to time but if we understand the reason and logic behind their occurrence, it becomes easy to deal with them in a better state of mind. Isn’t it?

Distorted Justifications:- If someone cheats or betrays us or does something wrong to us or some mishappening occurs in our life then we either blame the people for being so cunning and cruel to us or we blame the God for being so harsh to us.  Don’t we do so? Yes, we do.  Now, you will say, it is a common sense that if people do something wrong to us then it is obvious to blame them.

Now in the second case, if some mishappening happens in our life, we say, it was our misfortune or say that it happened because of the God’s will.

In both the cases, we never blame ourselves, do we?  If we are truly justifying all the circumstances and mishappenings in our lives then in both the cases there should be only one cornerstone.  But in each case, our justification depends upon the happenings or situations.  This is how we cheat ourselves with such illogic excuses.

Karma Philosophy:- “To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”, is what is stated by Newton’s third law of motion.  We have also heard right from our childhood that “as you sow so shall you reap”.  Why I recalled these facts here is because same is the process with our deeds (Karma’s).  As we know that we all are Souls, so it is equally true that we have taken so many births with different bodies at different locations and have dealt with so many different Souls.  Hence, on this infinite journey of rebirth, it is obvious that we have generated limitless Karmas with different Souls.  As we know that “To err is Human”, hence it is quite possible that somewhere in this long journey, we might have also done some bad Karmas too.  There is one more saying that “A Calf finds its mother in a crowd of thousand Cows” similarly, Karma finds its doer no matter where or in which costume/form it is. With this belief, it becomes easy to understand that if we experience anything unpleasant in our lives is because of our own bad Karmas.  However, some people are so much rigid, in fact, ignorant that they don’t believe in the Karma philosophy.  But if at all Law of Karma doesn’t work then why some infants are born dead or why immediately after the birth or at a very tender age some children die, why some babies are born with some life threatening disease, why some children are born with some mental or physical disabilities, why the natural calamities happen on a particular place causing the death of masses but still some people happen to survive? Aren’t these facts enough to understand that there is definitely some Super Natural Power, who is controlling all the happenings in our lives otherwise what could be the fault of such children who come in this World with such disabilities or diseases and how come some people sustain in the catastrophe of nature.

There is an illusion in most of the people’s mind about Karma Philosophy.  They presume that Karma means a physical action.  But this is not true rather what we think, what we speak and what we do is all our Karmas.  In other words, Karma means an energy or vibration that we exchange with people throughout day and night by means of our thoughts, words and actions.  Hence, we need to be very careful while thinking, while speaking and while doing any act.

Apart from the above clarifications, there is a predominant fact about the Karma Philosophy, which is detailed below-

1) Accumulated Deeds (Sanchitta Karma):-  This Karma is based on the actions, which we had already done in past, either in this birth or in previous births.  This Karma is having its impression on our consciousness which can be erased through the process of Meditation and Knowledge.

2) Latent Karma (Prarabda Karma):-  Some of the Karmas done in the past which are having a strong impression on our consciousness and which have already started yielding its results/consequences and which are beyond our control is what is known as Prarabda Karma. It is like that we have thrown a seed of a Mango tree along with other seeds in the field somewhere in the past and have forgotten and now after so many years it has started giving us the fruits which are out of our control.  These are the  hidden karmas, which we never know when, what or how it approaches to us and we have to experience them; there is no escape to it.

3) Future Deeds (Agami Karma):-  As a fact of life, we have to do actions/deeds till we are alive.  We can’t sit on an isolated place doing nothing. So anything which we are going to do in our future becomes our Agami Karma which is totally in our control.  But our present actions are having a direct impact on Agami Karma.  Hence, we need to have a check on all our present actions and try to erase all the bad memories and its impressions from our mind through practicing Meditation (Yoga) so that our Future Karmas won’t get affected.

Hence, one who understands, the Law of Karma, thoroughly, would remain stable in each and every situation no matter what.  The knowledge about ‘Karma’ relieves our mind from the pain we had created in our lives for long.  This clarity also helps us to focus on only the right deeds to get positive results in our upcoming life and for other births, for sure.

Spirituality: – Once we understand the Karma Philosophy thoroughly, a need urges from within to know more about the process of Divinity and hence dawns Spirituality in our lives.  Although, we know that ‘Spirit’ means “Soul” or “Inner-Being”.  Therefore, anything pertains to the existence of our Soul is what we called Spirituality.  To me, Spirituality means to explore our inner-being and to get our Soul connected to Supreme Soul.  However, Spirituality also means to be benevolent and to uplift those who are lost in their lives.  Hence, to bring Spirituality in our lives we need to explore ourselves.

Process of Exploring: – In the process of exploring our existence, we need to know, which qualities are giving us happiness and contentment and which qualities are giving us pain and misery.  Therefore, we should enlist them all and also try to recall how we feel with each one of them. Generally, we all carry the following qualities (Sanskars) in our behaviour –

Habits or Sanskar
Acquired Innate
Anger Love
Hatred Forgiveness
Jealousy Peace
Ego Compassion
Greed Purity
Laziness Happiness
Lust Harmony

Hence, it is clearly seen in the above table that acquired qualities are giving us pain and misery and innate qualities makes us feel happy and contented.  So choice is totally left with us which qualities to maintain and which to ignore.  Now, you will say that it is not so easy to get rid of from these acquired qualities because they have become natural in our day to day life; no doubt, we want to throw them out of our mind.  So how should we invoke the innate qualities back in our life? It is as simple as that, just focus on what you want. With the awareness of Karma Philosophy, it is clearly understood that we all are Souls and people around us are also Souls. So it would be easy for all of us to develop the following practices in our lives to change our bad habits by replacing them with positive qualities which are already available within our consciousness-

  • Make a habit to bless everyone in your life
  • Make it a point to appreciate people for their success and achievements or even for their hardwork.
  • Be happy over other’s happiness and accomplishments.
  • Be compassionate with everyone especially with those where your Karmic account is not in harmony.
  • Forgive yourself and others too.
  • Make service to mankind a priority in your life no matter how small it is.

When we continuously and intentionally focus on the above practices and habits for some time, all our acquired qualities will gradually diminishes and by regularizing them in our lives, all the negative qualities will get vanished completely from our life.

Gratitude: – Life becomes blissful when we feel contented with what we have.  Therefore, be thankful to Almighty for everything you have in your life.  The attitude of gratitude would attract more blessings and you would start getting all that you need in your life.

Meditation: – As per your convenience, practice to inhale all the positive affirmations and release all the unwanted stuff from your mind during the process of Meditation.

Knowledge: – Life never stops teaching so never stop learning.  Therefore, make a habit to learn positive, productive and spiritual things daily till you are alive.  More the knowledge you acquire more the benevolent and wisdom based human being you become.

Spread Spirituality:- Some people are very rigid and superstitious too.  They think that Spirituality is something which detaches a person from his family and from the rest of the World.  But in real sense Spirituality helps us to develop a strong Soul connection with our loved ones and also helps us to understand their behavior and attitude; as a result of which it becomes easy for us to be compassionate with them and to bless them.  It also helps us to get connected to more and more people in life and be compassionate with all of them.  Moreover, Spirituality, does not belong to a particular Religion rather it belongs to the entire Humanity, which, you might have understood through my words above.

Hope, my eloquent piece was lucrative to you. Would appreciate your feedback in the ‘Comment Box’ below.
Meenakshi Raina
Meenakshi Raina

I, Meenakshi Raina, from "The City of Temples (जम्मू) and The Paradise on Earth (कश्मीर)" (J&K), have a great passion for Writing, Singing & Travelling. I am not any Literary expert yet having enough to write because of experiencing Life from different dimensions. I am thankful to everyone in my Life for helping me to explore myself and to feel and understand the process of Divinity. Humble Gratitude to "Infinite-Spirit". My Belief - "You can't believe in God until you believe in yourself".


adi lakshmi
Sahana Sundar Posted on9:40 am - Mar 2, 2018

Superb piece on spirituality. Keep writing…your writing matters.

    Meenakshi Raina Posted on9:54 am - Mar 2, 2018

    Thank you so much Mam…

    Your feedback equally and truly matters to me.

    Humble gratitude

Neha Pandita Posted on11:28 am - Mar 2, 2018

Awesome di…. U understand this very well…. Keep it up

    Meenakshi Raina
    Meenakshi Raina Posted on2:20 pm - Mar 5, 2018

    Thanx Neha… God bless u

sulekha Posted on12:31 pm - Mar 5, 2018

Dear Meenakshi, this article really made me feel so proud of you exponentially. People who confuse Karma with excuse will know that the ease with which you have written is not a product but an experience, innate and connected to soul. Each graphic quote and tabular representation complements each heading. The piece is so wisely spaced and graphics wisely placed. It is going to help millions of people in their journey of obtaining clarity. Such knowledge is shy and comes only at an appropriate time. God dawns on you!

The highlights of the article are:

“A Calf finds its mother in a crowd of thousand Cows” similarly, Karma finds its doer no matter where or in which costume/form it is. ”

” acquired qualities are giving us pain and misery and innate qualities makes us feel happy and contented.”

“if at all Law of Karma doesn’t work then why some infants are born dead or why immediately after the birth or at a very tender age some children die, why some babies are born with some life threatening disease”


“Life never stops teaching so never stop learning. Therefore, make a habit to learn positive, productive and spiritual things daily till you are alive.”

Legacy in progress…Regards Sulekha

Meenakshi Raina Posted on2:05 pm - Mar 5, 2018

Thank you so much Sulekha…

I am humbled with your kind words…

Good work in progress….

Deepak Sopori Posted on1:38 am - Mar 21, 2018

Indeed a good article on Karma philosophy.Well structured and very well articulated.

Good Karma ignites Spirituality and ultimately takes you on a journey where every karma is seen to be as Akarma and guides the way to shun the fruits of karma ( both good and bad).It takes you to a journey where duality ceases to exist and only one thing remains ;”Self” which is pure bliss and consciousness….

    Meenakshi Raina Posted on7:43 am - Mar 22, 2018

    Only a Spiritual being can understand the essence of this elevated word “Akarma” which itself is a very vast subject to elaborate and very hard to understand by a lay man….. Great to know that you too are on the same path.

    Thanks for your divine words….God bless

Sudarshan Posted on7:59 am - Jul 12, 2018

Simply Great Article Dear Meenakshi Ji.
Covered everything that is required viz., Law of Karma, spirituality, correlating everything very well.
Keep it up.
Best Regards.

    Meenakshi Raina Posted on9:37 am - Jul 12, 2018

    Thanks Sudarshan Ji
    Knowledge always comes from personal experiences provided you have that catching power and I am grateful to Divinity for bestowing me that light to receive the knowledge which was literally required to make my life worth living. Humble Gratitude to Divinity.

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[…] Knowledge of Karma Philosophy engenders ‘Spirituality’. […]

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