Marketing Yoga: The 4-Ps are over, but Yoga is not!

Marketing Yoga: The 4-Ps are over, but Yoga is not!

Marketing Yoga: The 4-Ps are over, but Yoga is not!

Kumar Simha

By Kumar Simha

Any marketing professional would know marketing by the 4-Ps.
Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.
But a make over of the same defines marketing as much more than that. It’s OVER (from my MBA Prof Steven Hurley):
O ffer rather than the Product
V alue instead of the Price
E xperience and not just the place
R elationship than mere promotion
With the above face lift of the definition of ‘marketing’, I would like to substantiate with a marketing logic, as to why I perceive Yoga to be the best product/service or  a ‘solution’ espicially to life’s stinging problems.
Offer in the true sense means more of an Unmet NEED and less of an Unmet WANT. For example, we need breath to live (but not necessarily a bike and certainly not a car with posh accessories fitted to make us float in cloud-9), especially when we are struggling to find our feet on earth.
There are a myriad offers in the market that address different aspects of our life, ranging from travel to cuisine to conversation with friends and family to what not. But, could there be an offer that comes close to meeting the NEED of life as a whole?
Yoga is that offer in my books. A calm, composed, and a happy mind sums up what one really NEEDS.
Let me express this mathematically. If we consider Value to be the return that we get for every buck that we spend (paisa vasool in desi sounds cool), this even over arches infinity!
From my personal experience of having attended a Yoga program from the Art of living, I have had benefits accruing in all walks of my life. But the one that I would like to proclaim out aloud the most is …the joy that wells up from within after my daily practice, and the fact the life has come about full circle, ever since I was given the scare of my life of being crippled possibly on a wheel chair forever.
Of course, not to say that life turned a feather bed after learning meditation and Yoga.There are difficulties, obstacles, and setbacks that I come across, which makes me smirk at life sometimes. But the smirk to turn into a smile doesn’t take eons like it would earlier. Paradoxically, these obstacles only enhance the value of Yoga further, in my experience.
While experience in the traditional marketing context refers to how euphoric an experience the customers would have with the product or service, we know (by experience) that the enthusiasm fizzles out with worldly stuffs. While the experience of yoga and meditation is ever new, and other worldly!
The most important relationship of all the relationships in this world is the one with…
Siblings, friends, cousins?
Certainly Not!
It’s with I (myself)!
Because I live with myself all the time. I is I. Depending on the I that I live with, either I say (aiyyo, or repent) or live with a I (high, or rejoice).
Yoga makes us fall in love with ourselves  and whats more, this love only increases by the day!
To sum it all up, even a marketing analogy to Yoga catapults it to the best solution the human race could seek. No wonder it’s a multi billion dollar industry in the US already!
While that’s in the US, let ‘US’ wake up to the reality here in India too, before its too late and …OVER!

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