Me and my Travellator

Me and my Travellator

Me and my Travellator


Our journey begins the day we are born.

My journey also began in the same way.

I was born, I grew up… 1 yr old.. 2 yrs old… Life went on.

When I was of 2 years I was in Indore ( M. P.)After which we shifted to Bombay, from then I have been in Mumbai( though this time Bombay became Mumbai.) From the journey of Bombay to Mumbai, I too had a huge journey throughout my life.The journey which each one of us goes through. But is this the journey which we should think about and talk about all the time?  Shouldn’t we instead talk about the journeys which we make along with this journey?

Hmm… This is what I exactly want to talk about today.

This part of the journey is the most beautiful and enriching, enlightening. The more beautiful than the place we live in.The world that we live in, the city that we live in, the home that we live in.


We should stop at the moment, we should hop at the moment, we should stop the surrealist presented by nature.

That is how we actually grow.

The journey of life as a human continues. But the journey of life as a living human being continues when we travel and explore the new places, meet new people, understand their habitat, understand the environment they live in. When we do research… We … “RE-SEARCH”, that is why it is called Research. My research began when I visited this place called Bylakuppe, in Mysore. It is a Tibetan monastery This place is beautiful, enigmatic, mystic, a place in this world yet out of this world. The Buddhist monastery and its habitat speak for each other

When I went there, I visited more out of curiosity. For me, Tibetan Buddhism has always been intriguing for me. I had heard a lot about his holiness the 14th Dalai Lama in the NEWS.  I just wanted to go somewhere interesting, different.I wanted to take my Kids to any place other than the regular tourist spots.  So, I chose the monastery.

We reached the monastery after a two-hour long journey from Mysore railway station. Tired & fagged out. As we reached the gates of Sera Jey, we were greeted by a smiling monk, Lobsang Gyatso. All our tiredness flew away in a jiffy after meeting him. Humbleness and courtesy is a personified attitude of the Buddhist Monks. He helped us check into the hotel built for visitors. We took complete rest after dinner that day. Then the next morning we were ready by 8.30 am. A meeting with the chief monk ( the Abbott) of the monastery, who looks after the complete education system of the monastery, also known as Geshe, an excellent human being, took us around the monastery.Respected Geshe (Abbott), showed us the libraries and hostels. Laboratories and meditation rooms of the huge Sera Jey.Geshe was happy to know that I am an academician.

Monks, when we think about monks we think of chanting, meditating, people of this world but different that’s it.

But we should see the other side, the other side of lively monks. Lively monks with twinkling naughtiness in their amazed eyes. This is what I saw, they were peaceful. The young ones, the kids were playing football. It was a softball rather.They were all playing in groups. Groups filled the whole ground as it was their recess time in school. They played like any other children would. The difference was d serenity and peace that adorned the whole school when there should so much chaos in all this ruckus which prevails in our regular schools. This! This is what made it different from the outside world and its ways.

We then went near the huge ground in front of the temple, which was also the debate practice-ground for the monks. A cool breeze blew across our faces. The perfume of the herbal incense lit in the temple purifying the soul of the mind of not only humans but of every living non-living existence that inhaled it.

On one side of the temple they had hostels for the monks and inside of the temple, there was a huge space where monks debated on subjects related not only to Buddhism but also Science and literature. The debates were very different. It is not to show or prove one-upmanship to the opponent but to understand the root of the thought process of the author or researcher.There was no fight just proving that the scholar you were talking about was right in his or her thoughts. So when the debate is on, their debate is thoroughly depending on what is wrong and what is right. And it was in a very subtle way, but there the debate was if one scholar was right then why he was the right than the other is like talking about the cause and the thought process of that scholar at that point of time. We know it is like talking about 100 years ago, you were not born but still seeking connection with your scholar. So connecting to a thought process which was 100 years ago to a thought process of a young guy today, is unimaginable. Isn’t it amazing!  Why don’t we all think like this, debate with the pure intent of enriching our knowledge?

Buddhism! A philosophy which propagates peace. It’s birthplace in India. Do we follow it in the same way? With the consuming and spreading its essence as it was meant to be, by the enlightened king turned monk, Buddha! We use it only one way, ‘reservation’. We live on only one thing that Is Reservation, in India.,has become a way of learning and livelihood. Anyway, let’s not talk about it. It is deviating from my topic.

So my real journey began with Sera joy. When I saw the monks when I saw peace, I decided to see all the places where these Tibetan monasteries were based. The architecture of the Tibetan monasteries was like the eastern subcontinent.  The landscaping which was nice and colorful. The land was, gifted by the Maharaja of Mysore. Hotels, cottages, shops sprung up in this huge piece of land, making it a replica of Tibet. A mini Tibet on Indian soil was my first experience.

The next stop was like I said, I got into curiosity mode and the curious cat, which cannot be satisfied, wanted to see more.

The second monastery was in Dharamsala. The Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh. The journey to Dharmasala itself was a beautiful memory I shall always cherish. I took a plane from Mumbai to Delhi and from Delhi, I went to Kangra. From Kangra by road to Mc.Leodganj. I visited monastery there. The same experience, the same feelings, and emotions. Only peace prevailed everywhere you could see, all smiling faces. Warm and welcoming!

The next morning I met his Holiness, hugged him, that was the final divinity for me.  Nothing compares. When I hugged him I told him that I feel like I am hugging my dad. He replied very simply, if every human being could see their own in every other human being, the World would be peacefully agreed 100 %. I returned to Mumbai via the same route.

The third place I visited was Mundgoud, again in Karnataka. the birthday of his holiness which is celebrated on the 6th of July. This monastery was not as peaceful as the other monasteries I had visited  The reason was there were lots of outside people mingling inside the monastery. It was like a small version of Tibet. The reason was people. Environment makes people and people make the environment It works vice versa it always works both ways. When we go to a jungle if we cut the jungle if we cut the trees if we pluck the flowers if we pluck the leaves, if we pluck the fruits, we pluck n nick the right to live for all the living beings. Disturbing the balanced cycle of nature. The human being is required to complete nature and nature completes humans. We have to keep up the ecological balance.

Traveling for me is a way of living. I travel to deliver my training. I travel to many places but I have not explored any of them. Recently I had been to Kolkata. I was there for two days. The college was situated on the banks of the Ganga. Ganga the most beautiful life-giver. The mother of all taking shelter in her arms. The redeemer for sinners. She flowed majestically encircling the city skirts. Reminding me of Shiva her love who held her with high pride in his mane. This college, Government College of Textile technology, is now a heritage structure, built-in 1908 by the British. The college breathed the pure air of the holy Ganga, who cleansed the college thoroughly day in and day out.

It was time for me to take leave of the college. As I sat in the car witnessing the life-giver flowing in gaiety, I saw people taking a dip in the Ganga.  I stopped, on my journey back  I  wanted to take a dip in the holy waters and bottle up some to bring back home. I requested the driver of my cab to stop by. He obliged sweetly. I went to the bank filled my hands with the holy water. Sprinkled it all over my body and head. It felt pure bliss. I then the dirt that was flowing through and there were people who were taking a bath. Did I think really? Do I really want to take this water with me? I mean this is holy water being dirtier by people not by taking a dip, but by throwing them in the garbage. Anyway, I filled the water trusting my granny’s words. She used to say, holy waters can never get dirty as they are full of medicinal properties. I got a bottle and filled it to the brim. Thinking about the balance that we really need to manage and help nature support it. There are lots of management sessions stress management, organization management, time management, weird management sessions. Have you ever heard of environmental balance management sessions? We forget the small things which manage the more important and intricate things of the ecosystem in managing the materialistically farce world.

Travel should be a habit that we should indulge in and we should do so with the completeness of mind-body and soul, so that we can be with it, to understand it, we can analyze it to read it.  That is what my travel agenda is all about. I don’t want any hurdle in my travellator. I want to take my time in breathing in the elements that are elemental in making me and my surroundings fully elemental. The five elements, FIRE WATER EARTH SKY AIR (VACUM) smoothly running within and without of me creating life within life and assisting me as a travellator in my journey.

Let travellator be very smooth. Build with natures love caressing all the living beings. Smooth ( with the night sky), Shining bright with the life-giving rays of the Sun.

No hurdles in my dream for a world full of happiness … dream me and my travellator !!








Aparna Posted on5:39 am - Mar 12, 2018

Travel is an intrinsic process.

    Aditi Posted on5:21 pm - Mar 13, 2018

    Thanks much Aparna.

    Love ,


    Aditi Posted on6:58 am - Mar 20, 2018

    Yes. Rightly said. Travelling within yourself gives you more knowledge to understand where you need to travel in the world . You know the .. MY KINDA TRAVEL SPACE !

SaminaBarodawala Posted on6:37 am - Mar 12, 2018

It created a sense of peace n calm , reading the article. The journey described is both internal n external which beatifully sums up the main essence of the word Travel.

    Aditi Posted on5:21 pm - Mar 13, 2018

    Thank you Samina. U read my mind and perception.

    Love n blessings,

Vikas Sachdev Posted on10:32 am - Mar 13, 2018

Travel with peace of mind and relaxation is the best travel. The author enlightens us of the same. Kuddos for reminding us that vacations can be spirtual, restful and peaceful too.

    Aditi Posted on6:00 pm - Mar 15, 2018

    Thank you so much Vicky. I am
    happy that you could relate to my perception .


Aniket Posted on5:06 pm - Mar 13, 2018

Good one

Aniket Posted on5:07 pm - Mar 13, 2018


    Aditi Posted on4:47 am - Mar 14, 2018

    Thank you Timmy.

Rajat Soni
Rajat Soni Posted on6:35 pm - Mar 13, 2018

Excellent title and article . I also had the great fortune of meeting his holiness when I visited Mc Leod Ganj

    Aditi Posted on4:47 am - Mar 14, 2018

    Hi Rajat,

    I must say u r blessed . Meeting his holiness is a blessing.

    Stay blessed.
    Thank you.

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