Music- The universal language of the world

Music- The universal language of the world

Music- The universal language of the world

Your heart has beats
Your ears have drums
Your life follows a rhythm
Your voice comes from a box
Your breath in tempo
You live in music – Anon

Human beings are by nature  ” a miniature of the harmony that exists
in the universe” in the words of Sufi Philosopher Inayat Khan.

Modern medicine and science is fast recognizing the effect that sound
and music can have on healing and recovery from illness and disease.
And while that remains an important aspect of MusicTherapy in
application, there are other areas where the principles of Sound
and Movement Therapy can help individuals and societies.

Take Senior Citizens homes or shelters for the otherwise privileged
, take schools and playgroups, community centers and or social
organizations,  Music is the one key thing that can center a persons
attention, make him or her focus on things outside of  his present
circumstances and create vibrations that are conducive to healing to
start taking place.

So what is Music Therapy?

Music therapy is a research-based practice and profession in which
music is used to actively support people as they strive to improve
their health, functioning, and wellbeing…

A music therapist is somebody who typically works in conjunction with
a medical diagnosis, a social or a behavioral need and use
techniques such as

–  prescription suggests to the patient/client what kind of music
he/she should listen to or what kind of movement therapy he/she should
–  co-action works with the patient/ client through song or movement
therapy to build a model which the person can then internalize and
practice on his own

As part of Music Therapy, we also encourage participants to the program
to learn about the Yoga of Sound, Story Telling, Creative Movement
Therapy, The Musical Playground, Emotional Intelligence and the
Psychology of healing…


















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Aparna Posted on12:03 pm - Mar 15, 2018

music is the language of the heart

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