Women Power…. The best thing which Women are gifted is the womb through which each human being starts breathing on this planet (biologically first inside the womb and then outside of the womb). Its magic is WOW…

Women’s Day – A day of celebrations; Celebrations for a common person – Filled WhatsApp messages (an average of more than 1000 message each person, an Fb page is filled with mostly with “Women Power”. Great excitement and power around!

The Giant Facebook says the Women Power this way,”Forty percent of active groups on Facebook were created by women, females created 70 percent of all fundraisers on the platform and 43 percent of Pages are women-owned,” the social media giant revealed.” ( Source http://www.timesnownews.com/technology-science/article/international-womens-day-facebook-tool-to-empower-women-entrepreneurs/205655)

This again shows “Women are great creators who can take people along”.

I am proud and happy to see that; I thank each one of you who wished and greeted on the occasion. Some of them send gifts and flowers too. I am also happy to see few of the initiatives taken by society for Women.

However, I really have a thought today on the other side of the coin. I have divided that into two aspects – “What makes Women Day a massive moment and What we need to do in current scenario”?

  • Behind a successful Woman, there is always a man behind too. I believe this as in my life I have had both as a combination. My mom, Dadi, my Chachi and now my sister-in-law too who supported me; along with them I have Four Men who have been the biggest support to me because of whom I am what I am – “My Dad, My Husband, My Brother and My Son.” On this Women’s Day, I would like to pay gratitude to Men who are also supporting Women equally as Women supporting Men.


When I checked about how the Men’s Day is celebrated, I still was receiving more updates on “Women’s Day”. There are many articles which talk about Women’s Day however very few people talk about Men’s Day in our country.


The reason in my perception is our past experiences from our environment, such that “Men are dominating/Unsupportive/Harsh on women” (We have either seen/heard/experienced the same and made this as a generalization in our past traditional era).


Due to this most of the Women are not being given support or choices barring many of the Women who have shown the leadership skills to make the choices available (As they believed Map is not the territory); Women’s Day became a massive moment. One recent update made me ponder more is below:

“A woman leads ‘Supergirls’, a group of nearly 90,000 women in Israel in which they share deep secrets, ask personal questions or have a shoulder to cry on,” she said.(You can pm for the source of this article/statement)

If we are still seeking a shoulder to cry on apart from our spouse/father/brother/son. We seriously need to think about it. Sharing is different from crying. You share with laughter not cry with problems/situations. This again goes back to NLP and how different people would like to talk about same matter differently.

Well, the learning for us as Women now is “Time has come when we talk about diversity.” This means we are equal, if we really treat ourselves with equality, I am sure this year people will celebrate Men’s Day in India also with the same spirit as Women’s Day. I am sure we come to a time that every single day becomes a day to “Celebrating Diversity”.

I salute all the Women to give birth to Men and Women. I salute them for all the pain which they took and I am sure that they can make a new Massive Moment of Diversity as well. Let’s celebrate the Men’s day on 19thNov, 2018.

Respect for humanity – Wo-man Kind!




Aparna Posted on4:08 am - Mar 12, 2018

Men’s day needs to be celebrated too !!

Aparna Posted on1:29 pm - Mar 15, 2018

superb write up

Sulekha Chandra
Sulekha Chandra Posted on7:16 pm - Mar 23, 2018

Superb piece. You are woman of personal leadership and ownership. Your sense of responsibility, independence and care showers through your words. I like your idea of “Celebrating Diversity” and proposal for Men’s day on 19thNov, 2018.

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