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March 2018

Corruption is Deep Rooted

My grandma once told my cousins & me as children, that charity begins at home. She had told us, kindness has to be learned & practiced with family primarily, secondly with friends, followed by the rest of the world. The… Continue Reading →

Corruption Mukt Bharat

For a country that is emerging as a Global Leader on many fronts including the size of its economy, it is rather unfortunate to note the shackles of Corruption, India is still stuck with. The severity of the problem lies… Continue Reading →


Banu’s decaying limbs She bred smokes and grew crops as if a rotten corpse To keep money For her only son That will fetch him job amongst the corrupted mob She cooked dinner after sunset blasphemous To feed the venomous… Continue Reading →

Social Media – Connecting People…..

If we just close our eyes and think, how often we used to go to our relatives and friends place just 10-20 years back.  It used to be jollity and mockery all around, when the gang of our cousins and… Continue Reading →

Weave your Relationships…

Have you ever wondered why we often tend to visualize/ feel/liken relationships to a Labyrinth and NOT to a lovely knit of varied coloured threads,  all blending together, and each adding beauty of their own, to make a harmonious piece… Continue Reading →


Everyone seems to have an opinion on the behavior of teens and their tantrums. And the flavor is often critical and regretful. Their labile moods, their unkempt manes, their weird wardrobes, their cultish obsessions with some symbols and charms and… Continue Reading →


  “Social media has many potential positives, including expressing identity and maintaining human connections, we have to maximize these positives and mitigate the negatives.” – Anonymous Of all the Social mediums present  -Instagram the micro-blogging site has a bonanza of… Continue Reading →

A promise broken…

Can we wipe out corruption and bribery from India?

 UNGRACEFULLY CORRUPT   Incredible India struck violently again on the “RICHTER Scale” of social demolition and doom.Citizens huddled up to the disturbing news of a Principal and owner of a school in the outskirts of Haryana, who allegedly assaulted a… Continue Reading →

Marketing Yoga: The 4-Ps are over, but Yoga is not!

By Kumar Simha Any marketing professional would know marketing by the 4-Ps. Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. But a make over of the same defines marketing as much more than that. It’s OVER (from my MBA Prof Steven Hurley): O… Continue Reading →

The Millenial Dream

We, millenials, have the power to access, the intelligence to process and analyze any information. Our powers to create collectively are overwhelming, and much much vaster than the older generations. Not only information, but even ideas are at our fingertips…. Continue Reading →

Hinduism…. And Sanaatan Dharm

There is a rather disturbing trend, currently at very minute levels, of identifying  the rise of a doctrinaire tenet in what we like to call Hinduism. I find this observation surprising at worst, and a sweeping generalisation at best. First… Continue Reading →

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