Salty love

Salty love

Salty love

By Arbind Kumar

It was daybreak when Pummy got up perplexed and looked around. A glass full of water was lying on the cub board. Neatly cleaned and folded towel was hanging on the wire in the passage. She leaned and peeped into   balcony, everything were as usual as those were in last night. Sun light is beaming into the room from ventilator.

She moved her head to left up on the wall clock. Tic-tic sound at small interval is breaking the silence. There is pin drop silence in the house. It is calm around her but inside. Pummy’s house is second last on the hilltop. If you move your eyes outside, there are series of skyrocketing trees and hilltop covered with snow. The scenery is vivid and vibrant. Refreshing air and mineral water with magical sound flowing in the tributaries are life generating.

She stepped in washroom and moved her eyes around. A bucket full of water, towel on the hanger and a rack full of soaps and other daily use materials are properly set. She moved to kitchen and surprised to see a warm water jug is kept on the slab and tea-pot is also properly set on gas stove. Then she got in three bedrooms and a big drawing cum dining hall and three balconies.

Pummy is comfortable with all amenities available, but what is more painful is the missing warmth in relationship with Rakesh as it was four years before. Though, Rakesh is attentive all the time. In spite of all these, she was uneasy; she wished if she were an actress and Rakesh would have been around her all the time. She wished, ‘if I travel round the globe, visit magnificent places, fly in cloud, and many more.’ Stream of thought was moving in her mind.

Pummy pondered, ‘Rakesh is as handsome as I dreamed for, but handsome is a trait that must be matched with heart. I long for a boy who feels my presence all the time, and I too feel him being in my heart. It is four years since we married but I am not feeling warmth in the relationship since one year. He keeps himself busy in his work. Whenever I call him, he replies negatively and says in terse and cold voice, ‘I have lot of work and can’t waste time, please’.

Pummy heart beat plummeted thinking about Rakesh. She got in the kitchen and lighted up gas stove to make tea. Having cup in her hand as she moved to dining room door bell rang up. Rakesh opened the door with outdoor key and got in the hall. He hugged and said, ‘Yes, I know this is your tea time and I have come to have tea with you.’

Pummy felt warmth in voice as if they were married couple of hours ago. Silent thinking cropped up in the mind and a conversation started in, ‘Is this that Rakesh, whom I think to part away and start a fresh life, a fresh life journey with other?’

Both got on dining table with cup in hand and sat down. Rakesh warmly inquired, ‘Are you ok? I know you were working late in the night on your laptop. That is why I did not disturb you in the morning when I was going out’.

Pummy is calm and relaxed, cold and chocked voice came out, Hmmm..

She is silent though cyclone is rising in her mind. Number of thought flashed, ‘Is this that Rakesh, whom I met years ago in a pub and in first glance and in first conversation, we decided to be life partner? He promised to fulfill my every wish. I want a life full of all colors. I never thought to become housewife. Though I did not resign and Rakesh too supported me and insisted he wanted to see me as working wife. But what is the worth of this life in which I use to run between house and office? Day after day is passing out and thus four years have passed.’ With each sip, Pummy got more restless.

She decided to talk frankly that no anymore. She wants to move to her mother in south and would get married again. For this, she needs to get the Talaq from Rakesh. Questions flashed, ‘Will Rakesh be agree? Is it so simple? What if he denies? No, no I would part away. There is no other way. I will talk definitely.’

In the meantime, Rakesh finished his tea and moved to washroom.

Rakesh observed, change in the behavior of Pummy. He ignored and kept engaged in his routine. Pummy requested Rakesh to sit down few minutes and explained, ‘This is fifth year since we married. I never dreamed a life from house to office. I am fed up with time pass life. So I have decided to go back to my mother and start new life. For this I need your consent.’

Rakesh got up and said smiling, ‘will let you know tomorrow morning.’

It was next morning. Pummy got up. There was pin drop silence everywhere. What if Rakesh moved out and left me out here alone? Am I free to my will? No interference…, Can I take up all decision about my life? Suddenly she spotted a piece of paper on the table that she picked up. This is a letter addressed to her.

My dear,

You are free to remarry if he will keep you happy every moment. If he would take care of, when you are puzzled while your laptop brakes down, would help when your car doesn’t stat, would get hot water to washroom when electricity gets off, would help in kitchen when time would be running out at the time of office, would help when ache in your leg while moving up on the hill. This is my way of keeping you happy. My each moment with you is the most important time of my life. I am working hard only to keep you happy. Your wish happens to be my goal and to achieve that I try my best. In spite of all these, if you think to remarry and start a fresh life, let me first assure the prospective person would keep you happier than me. If not and if you have changed your mind to go to your mother than open the main door, I am sitting there with bread and paper.


Your Rakesh

As Pummy was reading the letter, her heat beat increased. She burst into tears and she has no words to express and so there are no words left on the paper. Reverse thought gripped her. ‘It is big mistake, I didn’t understand Rakesh. I can’t leave him alone.’ Restless Punny narrated and ran towards main door. Rakesh was sitting there, he turned back with smiling face and Pummy hugged him and said…..sorry.…

Silent love never speaks –Silent love never speaks openly but always works like salt in the vegetable. Salt commands the taste of the food. More salt means bad taste; less salt means no taste.

(Writer is journalist and soft skill trainer),, 91-9424753979



Aparna Posted on12:03 pm - Mar 28, 2018

What a lovely story with a happy ending . Arvindji new genre tried.Great.

    Arvind Kumar Posted on4:24 pm - Mar 28, 2018


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