The Millenial Dream

The Millenial Dream

We, millenials, have the power to access, the intelligence to process and analyze any information. Our powers to create collectively are overwhelming, and much much vaster than the older generations. Not only information, but even ideas are at our fingertips. We seek and yearn much more.


We believe in a world where everybody follow their dreams. We want to cross the barrier of survival, and move on to a better paradise. A world where each individual has the choice and access to a variety of experiences, learnings, and opportunities; a vast garden where we can pick the fruits of our choice, eat it, and leave behind its seeds that shall blossom into trees for others. Someplace where nothing is unequal, nothing is bad, and life has a different meaning than what it was before. A paradise of diversity vibrating with an underneath unity- a sense of acceptance and tolerance, and a search for happiness.


This happiness is achieved only when we respect and understand one another, when we shed the gruesome constraints of religion, nationality, and race. When we start to truly question what the “meaning of it all” is. When we start to question the very foundations our ancestors were based on, and recognise that our ancestors never had the global vision. They only meant to survive in small communities, by ignoring others. When happiness rules over personal comfort and survival. When we allow room for a more satisfying life, devoid of the need to ‘survive and rise up to a better standard of living’, we start achieving results, and happiness. Problems are automatically solved when we all are equal, and shun all differences.


At the same time, we are a generation that seeks approval. We need to be told “Hey, you’re doing a good job”. When basically the entire adult world wants us to excel in academics, jobs, marriage, etc. When we are rebelling against the world of previous generations and need to be told that our dream is fine. When we are so unconventional, that we become outcasts. When we are told to be realistic.


We slowly start shying away. We slowly start seeking attention in other forms. We slowly forget our dreams and just want to rebel, or run away. We get hooked to entertainment, drugs and social image. We want something that takes our mind away from the reality, and where we can dream our Utopia. Escaping to the place where we don’t have to fight anymore for our dream.


This shying away is what creates the fear in the minds of gen-X&Y. The huge number of people shying away is a cause for worry. And this fear only reinforces the belief that old is gold, and parents hold children tighter. And the genZ rebels again, and the loop is formed.


What we lack collectively is the strength of our backs. The ability to endure against all odds. What we lack is the will to make dreams come true. All the achievers  know pain. We want to achieve such a paradise painlessly, but that is impossible as pain makes it worthwhile. The only way we need to get real is by sticking up for ourselves through thick and thin. Forget that we need to have a high standard of life. Forget success. Forget all the pressures on our backs. We need the will to chase our dreams in spite of anything. The will to change the world in individual steps. THE WILL TO BELIEVE IN OURSELVES.



Rajat Posted on6:00 pm - Mar 24, 2018

Congratulations on your first article and what an awesome start!! Loved this “This happiness is achieved only when we respect and understand one another, when we shed the gruesome constraints of religion, nationality, and race.” You have brought up such pertinent millenial issues.

Aparna Posted on6:20 pm - Mar 24, 2018

no gain without pain

adi lakshmi
Sahana Sundar Posted on10:14 pm - Mar 24, 2018

Hi Pradyot,
My hearty congratulations to you! Your first article on Spark is simply superb. You have shared your Zen Y mind. I loved it to the core.Chase your dreams in spite of all odds. You will definitely be there on the path of success very soon.

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