based on the story written by Washington Irving



She danced in a golden chamber

Glittering, warm and fine

Down her ears dangled emeralds

On her dress embedded nine


 She’d always been vibrant

Filled with love and life

I’d promised a glad eternity

When I took her as my wife


She loved me too, this well I knew

The ministering angel so kind

Her warmth embraced my heart, my hearth

When with cheer I made her mine


Laughter and grace, a joyous phase

The morning sun shimmered

But the stormy winds swept away our calm

Our steady peace tremored


I wore a mask of gold that smiled

But my trembling heart grew wild

How would such ghastly tidings

Affect my wife so mild?


When I finally got the courage

To tell her of our abject state

She smiled and opened with fair, fair hands

A wretched hovel’s gate


She then embraced the hovel, she beamed, she twirled

Her face knew only bliss

I came home to a lovely home

The sound of her harp and a gentle kiss


A fortune that had broken me

Pushed me down a dim, dark trail

Couldn’t shake the intrepidity

Of my darling wife so frail



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Nandini Rao
Nandini Rao Posted on5:43 am - May 13, 2018

Excellent expression!

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