Banu's decaying limbs

She bred smokes

and grew crops

as if a rotten corpse

To keep money

For her only son

That will fetch him job

amongst the corrupted mob

She cooked dinner

after sunset blasphemous

To feed the venomous

Babu's infamous....

Banu told her son

Sssh, I have kept aside

 Lot of money to bribe

-the Babu

For post of sweeper

But the hungry amorous Babu

Took away Her Pride

Swept away her chastity

along with money

Banu jumped

As his son got Dumped

Should we not Trumped??

Against Bribery

Now who will  thumped

Nepotism & Corruption 

Found in every corner

Now His son says

Only inhumanity flourishes

and there's  no God

Money is the New God

(c) Ashi Kalim


We are living in the world, where time is pressing and battle for subsistence is unimaginably tough.  Mankind had always tried to run on an easier path, hapless he gives into BRIBERY just to meet his daily life chores.We pay to the postman for mail, cops for crossing the red signal, doctors are bribed for branding a particular medicine, meter readings are swayed, Clerics are bribed for Fatwa’s and Pundits’ are bribed and mostly corrupt suggesting us to ward off evil by paying them ‘DAAN’!

Don’t we think DAAN too is a form of bribing God’s?? Err… I should not open up as this is a very religious country, where religion comes before Humanity.

Bribery, cronyism, and nepotism are all forms of corruption. From PLATO to Rousseau a greater concern for corruption had arrived since ages, and till now we didn’t have a detailed answer to it.

What is the plethora of moral, noble, ethical standards of Corruption?

It’s is an attitude, mindset, a disease,  an epidemic since ages and there has been no answers.

The rule says –  no bribery but who makes law, who themselves are corrupt . Just because Nirav Modi was not able to submit the money on due time made him tag a fraudster .

What are the rules of labelling someone corrupt?

When in general trends we talk about a person being corrupt it’s not akin as breaking rules only but has ethical conducts too gets tattered.

It strikes the root of HUMANITY.

There are some major factors:

1) MORAL BEHAVIOURAL CORRUPTION: that’s also termed as ontic/spiritual corruption

2) SOCIAL CORRUPTION or people’s corruption.

3) ORGANISATIONAL CORRUPTION or Institutional corruption

4) STATE CORRUPTION or National / societal / cultural corruption

While I was traveling on a local train, people were discussing on bribery and corruption present in society but when at Malad station A boy wanted to get in the gates,  they resisted and didn’t allow him to enter the gate.This is also a type of Moral Behaviour Corruption, where your morality gets axed up. ( This was my personal experience on corruption)

Connecting MONEY always to corruption it is not as it seems. There is a decay on spritual level too.  Or mind has accepted corruption as a part of growing up.

Now, coming to Political Corruption it withers and cuts the roots of good governance, just to gain selfish advantage illegitimate advantage the pursuit of bribery comes.

It leads to distortion of civil virtue and eventually destruction of the nation and its citizens on a whole.

PLATO in his book “The Republic” described and Latinised corruption as CORRUPTIO

CORRUPTIO meant decay or decomposing

These decay has few stages –

  • timocracy

  • oligocracy

*democracy leading to tyranny.

For a good governance, we need an increase in resources, policies, rules, and laws are so strict that people are left with no options, just being corrupt.

If we visit a jail are only convicts corrupted, it’s the jailers too who are fraudulent and shady.

A Corrupts Can’t Raise a Nation.

Here are few ways to rescue it


The problems in our community are systemic; they didn’t happen overnight. Fatherless homes, drug abuse, high incarceration rates, illiteracy, family violence, dysfunctional families, and teenage delinquency are taking a high toll on our communities. This is a systemic problem, and there are hardly enough resources, men, families, programs and solid indigenous communities left to address these issues.

We have a crisis on our hands and we can’t expect the government to fix this for us. The so-called corrupt and “wanna-be” shady people in our society aren’t helping. We’re going to have to start from the ground floor. We must strengthen our families and communities and establish new families. We, as men and women, have to shoulder our responsibilities to help ensure that another generation doesn’t end up repeating the cycle of dysfunction all over again. We have to make a decision, as a people, to get off the roller coaster.

Relish in it, meet it head on, accept it, value it, immerse yourself in it, work it, embrace it, grab it by the horns, greet it with enthusiasm, cherish it, be about it, face it, love it, handle it, smile at it, get down on it, step up to the plate, seize it, man up to it, don’t turn away from it, don’t be afraid of it, and do not let parenthood escape you. Be believing and dutiful parents beloveds, by any means necessary……

The best thing that you can pass down to your children is guidance.

It is a tragedy that many of our men and woman have been conditioned to seek out the shady a tainted path, glorifying the street life and believing in the fraudulency (there is no right or wrong) — it’s only what makes you happy. They worship these type of DEMIGOD (money, gold, cars, and shiny things), and have incarceration as a rite of passage while idolizing and painting murals of other souls of such unethical character. Their daily staple is the weed, they are fond of the forty, and spend more on their dogs and their cars than they do on their own families. In the religion of these people, they curse their absent fathers, defy their mothers, live off their women, and spend an hour in the mirror each day primping themselves.

The scriptures of the corrupted men are the rhymes and raps of debauchery and narcissism. They have taken self-love to an extreme. They damn the virtues of righteousness while mentioning the name of God.

These  Thugs(Indian name of Corrupt) cannot raise a family, let alone a nation. They don’t honor life; they only destroy it. How many of our women are raising the illegitimate children of some has-been corrupt, who is doing time?

Make no doubt about it; the commander-in-chief of the thug nation is none other than Lucifer the Beelzebub himself. The cure to end the cycle of madness is good parenting focusing on life ethos, but we first have to submit to good deeds


Make your limits,  eliminate their dependence on material luxury. This could include fasting, extra prayers, and abstaining from wealth and luxury, though celibacy is not a widespread practice in Sufism.

Along with material renunciation, Sufis and Sadhus (renunciates)  also practice repentance and the purification of the soul under the broader rubric of humility before God. In seeking to transcend the self and cultivate a purity of heart, Spirituality constantly guards against the sins of pride, comfort, and preoccupation with their own worldly desires. By organizing one’s life around a discipline that involves both physical and spiritual exercises, these attempts to prevent the corruption of body and soul, and to eliminate the attachment to the material world.

Let’s understand the major reason of doom of most empires and civilization was Corruption and Bribery. And let us all struggle and strive against it as if there’s no struggle, there’s no progress !!

The author Ashi Kalim is an activist, National Award winner author & a Poet.

Ashi Kalim
Ashi Kalim

ASHI KALIM is a National Book Honour Awarded Author, An international poetess and a content writer at www.allaboutlives. com, eyogguroo,, writes for Times of India (Jaipuria Management) Supplementary. She stands amongst TOP TRENDING AUTHORS Of 2018- DÉ MODÉ. Her poems find space on an international level. Her poetry “I DO BLEED” has been published internationally! She keeps writing for world peace, the need of the hour. She has given her powerful words to the cause of Refugees, Racism and Syrian kids in an international anthology titled “ REFUGEES, RACISM- RESISTANCE & HUMANITARIAN VOICES “VOL I published in U.K. She has worked in DEFENSE ACADEMY. She is an orator and an activist too. She speaks her mind through her pen and participates in various social causes.


Aditi Posted on2:58 pm - Mar 26, 2018

Dear Rajat ,
Very insightful article. Looks into the nuances of the word “CORRUPTION”.

Well penned !

Aditi Rai

    Ashi Posted on5:38 pm - Mar 26, 2018

    Hoping to provide you more insights on various issues.

Aditi Posted on3:00 pm - Mar 26, 2018

Dear Ashi,

Well penned nuances of the word “CORRUPTION”..



SAMINA Barodawala Posted on3:46 pm - Mar 26, 2018

Corruption that uve shown in different facets of life is covering up the complete gamut . Ashi it is written systematically and an eye opener . It’s really good and informative.

    Ashi Posted on5:37 pm - Mar 26, 2018

    Thankyou Samina for the great review

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