Travel – The Best Therapy For Self Growth

Travel – The Best Therapy For Self Growth

Travel – The Best Therapy For Self Growth


Travel can be the best therapy to discover your true self-provided it begins with the prime intention of learning and discovering the unknown territory. During the travel, exploring and learning about the external world become major activities of life. With a little determination, the same can also be applied to the inner space which is equally vast and unknown. Traveling throws an opportunity to raise the present level of awareness. It also gives an opportunity to realize the presence of the ever-expanding illusionary ego self around your physical being.

The depth of your experience depends on how different your new environment is from what you are accustomed to. More the difference in the new environment, there exists a better chance for growth.Moving to a completely different geographical location in which you are clearly out of your comfort zone is the key. In this type of situation, you will encounter many events and people for which you have no earlier reference. This can escalate the current level of awareness instantly. Now you are forced to stay alert.

In the light of heightened awareness, you can start seeing things which you never saw before –  outside as well as within yourself

The Ego-self is your self-image. It is the mask which is put on for the society in which you live most of the time. Mask or ego is always borrowed from the external world, primarily the society in which you live and this mask works for the society.  The ego seeks approvals from society for the perceived personality with which it wants to identify with. New country, new people, a new society and new language can really shake the accumulated ego and offer clarity on the illusionary nature of the ego which is highly dependent on the external world around you. Once ego starts diminishing, real you have a chance to emerge from under the weight of an otherwise huge ego self.

Now on stranger ground, you will begin to challenge and question everything you have ever believed. If you don’t run away from this development and use this as a way to grow, you will see that all your beliefs belong to society, they were never really yours. This can be extremely scary, liberating and eventually transforming. The transformation can happen provided you are observant and vigilant.   When you are traveling, most of the time you remain in the present moments as there are a lot of new things to notice, absorb and digest. New processes, new culture, and new sights they all require sharp observation power. The observation power and awareness level both are on different scales when you are traveling.

Travelling to new cultures and interacting with strangers teaches you as much about yourself as it does about other people. The challenge of new experiences will push your personal barriers back. Coping with situations that have not been previously encountered would lead to instant self-growth in multiple directions. The situation during travel is really ideal for a major transformation. The Ego is at the minimum level. Awareness is at the higher level. Observation power is at its peak.  With some intent, the power of observation and higher awareness can be used to explore the ever elusive inner self.

The journey to the worldly destination of which very little was known before, may trigger another mysterious journey towards an unknown destination which exists within your being. Actually, spirituality is an intrinsic property of your psyche that emerges involuntarily when the process of world exploration slowly transforms into self-exploration with sufficient depth.

In service of the Divine with faith!

Dharmesh Shah
Dharmesh Shah

Dharmesh Shah is an engineer and a businessman from Mulund, Mumbai who conducts various workshops all of which are not-for-profit in which participants can understand ‘spirituality’ in its simplest form and eventually experience its enormous power by applying spiritual practices in different areas of their lives. Knowledge gained from these workshops may transform one’s life to create a better world around oneself.

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Aparna Posted on12:29 pm - Mar 8, 2018

Travel reveals the various facets of your personality bringing you closer to your true self.

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