Oonchai ka dar thha usey,
Aur udne ki chah bhi!
Na pankh the koi, na udaan bhar ki hawa thi,
Par sunti kahan thi, wo rukti kahan thi!
Jaisi sochi bhi na ho kisine
Duniya aise uska jahan thha!
Na dabti apni kshamtaon ke taley,
Na thamti do pal saans bhar ke liye.
Nikal padi apne khwabo ke pichhe
Chamakna tha usey, jalne ki parvah kahan thi?
Jo chhupa tha hunar usme kahin,
Jo jaanta tha koi nahi,
Aaj uthi nigahen duniya ki
Chamakte hain tare jahan, wo wahan thhi!
Sachin Jalan
Sachin Jalan

He's a poet, author, lyricist and essayist by passion. He's been writing since he was 11 and is a published author and essayist. He's currently working in the IT sector but takes up external writing projects as well. He also has 2 blogs at poemandarticles.blogspot.com and chhotistories.wordpress.com. His writing style is primarily influenced by spirituality, philosophy and their influence on religion. His educational qualifications include a B.Tech in IT and MBA in Marketing.


Aparna Posted on5:17 am - Mar 23, 2018

udaan- the take off is always important , you may or may not reach the destination

    Sachin Posted on6:19 am - Mar 24, 2018

    Yes, absolutely. The process develops your character, not the destination.

Nandini Rao
Nandini Rao Posted on6:22 pm - Apr 5, 2018

na thhamthi thhi, na rukti thhi!
Kyaa udaan bharti thhi?

Kamaal ke jazbaat; kamaal ka hausla!

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