The television screams in the living room
The commercial claims to dispel the gloom
XYZ detergent pulls out all stains from fabric
What about the stains of corruption on the social fabric?

A tottering pensioner could do with such a detergent
Another commercial endorsed by an aging celebrity gent
Claims to make writing a pleasurable experience
Can ABC Detergent wash away the shame of an illiterate community?

PQR toothpaste leaves teeth looking fresh and white
What about the stains left by the deadly stick burning bright?
Blue and Green cigarette smoking makes one a macho man
Can it from the body cancerous cells ban?

Wayward 8000 gives a kick like never before
While deadly colas leave you asking for more
When, oh when are we going to learn?
To collect the butter from curd as we churn?

Wish I had IJK detergent to wash off stains
Corruption, Poverty, Illiteracy, Strife, and Pain,
GHI toothpaste to give me a genuine smile
To conquer, ill-feelings, revenge, sorrow and vile.