Gone are the days when women were considered a burden to their families.  The new generation women across the world have overcome all the negative notions and have proved themselves beyond doubt in all the spheres of life. They are excelling almost in each and every field whether it is the area of Engineering, Medical Sciences, Entrepreneurship, Literary, Banking, Aeronautics, Navy, etc.  They have become the pride of their parents and prestige for their Country as well. They had won different Medals in every area of competition whether it is Olympics, Cricket, Tennis or any other Sports or any other skill and have brought laurels to the Nation.  They have created history by landing on Space and acclaimed the eminence across the globe.  In their honour and glory, I would like to enlist some of the names of such great Women, whose work, dedication and contribution in their respective field has been predominant to become the Paragon in the World-

  • Indira Gandhi – The first female Prime Minister of India
  • Sarla Thakral – The first Indian woman to fly an Aircraft
  • Cornelia Sorabji – The first female advocate of India
  • Bachendri Pal – The first Indian woman who reach the summit of Mount Everest
  • Kiran Bedi – The first woman IPS of India
  • Kalpana Chawla – The first Indian woman to go to Space
  • Sivabhogam – The first woman Chartered Accountant of India
  • B.K. Sister Shivani – International Motivational Speaker and Spiritual Leader
  • Chanda Kochhar – The Managing Director and CEO of ICICI Bank
  • Mary Kom – The first Indian Women Boxer who won Gold Medal in 2014 Asian Games

The World would remember all the great women, whose contribution has benefitted and made the country feel proud of them, till the existence of the Universe.

In our society, a working woman truly behaves like a typical housewife when she is at home. She performs each and every chore, which she is supposed to do for her family very honestly.  It is she who despite facing her abdominal cramps every month never prefers to take rest rather works round the clock at home and at her office too.  As a responsible mother, even if a woman is working, she still takes out time, from her very busy schedule to have a keen and regular check on the studies of her children besides having their tuition classes.  To keep the social circle active, she also has to keep in touch with her friends and relatives and has to attend the social gatherings and functions as well.  As a dutiful daughter in law, she knows how to meet all the expectations of her in laws by fulfilling their needs and demands on time.   Also as a loving and caring wife, she should be able to fulfill all the desires and wishes of her husband, so accordingly she has to manage her schedule.  In the midst of her household chores and office working hours, she better know the importance of “Me Time” to maintain herself to look cool and elegant, which of course is the need of the hour for all of us nowadays.

However, it doesn’t mean that she never has to face any adverse or chaotic situation in her life but she better knows how to deal with it.  It is very arduous to be a daughter in law, a wife, a mother and a working woman all at the same time but her caliber, versatility and enough patience makes her to deal with everything to the best of her capacity.  She cheerfully and boldly heads to do so and that too without any complaint only because of the affection, care and support of her entire family especially the love and moral support of her husband.  The family’s favour and endearment gives her enough strength to shoulder each and every personal and professional challenge in a very alluring and sanguine way.  It also makes her life more delightful and meaningful and that is why we are having, Indra Nooyi, Indian origin (Chairman and CEO of Pepsi Co) like successful and empowered women in the World.

However, every girl is not fortunate enough to have supportive parents; a loving and caring husband and cooperative in laws.  There are women in our society who have to go through a biased and miserable life even before and after their marriages.  It is a hard hitting fact that so many women today are getting hurt, humiliated, abused and physically tortured by their husbands and other family members but even then they drag their life in between their home and their work place stashing their tears and hiding their pain deep in their hearts. Not only this, they are being exploited at their work place or even at their home as well. Women are not being treated with respect in this “Men Dominated Society” despite of their excellent talent and well qualification. She is being discriminated and harassed in every corner of the life. Now the height of the atrocity is seen when minor girls or even toddlers are being mutilated and molested.  It is an irony and unfortunate too that how come a man can do such inhuman activities, when he is being born and brought up by a woman and when he worships the Goddesses and little girls during Navratras.  Hence, in such critical situations, majority of the little girls and women today become the victim of domestic violence and physical oppression and due to which they lack their efficiency to excel in their respective area and their morale gets crushed by the opposite sex.

A Woman is considered to be the embodiment of Power, so some women dare to recollect their broken pieces after they gets shattered by their husbands, families or any such person who had ruined their life and fights back for their dignity and justice.  In their battle of righteousness and self-esteem, they confront all the challenges that come their way all alone with their strong determination and will power. Such women are exceptional examples of Women Empowerment in their own way. But not all women could do so because of the fear of society, lack of self-confidence, illiteracy, lack of awareness, dearth of monetary support, suppression of parents and family or any such relevant reason and they continue to live as a victim and tolerate and witness the violence against them throughout their entire life.

Coming back to the subject, where are we lacking the Empowerment of Women despite educating and providing them all the basic amenities of life? Why women in our Society are not safe? Why rape cases are on rise? Why despite of so many Empowered Women in our Country, it is still a male dominated society?  Well, what I understand, it is not only the education of girls which can change the society in a positive and right dimension but the more focus has to be done on the upbringing of boys and awareness among the parents.  First of all, parents need to understand that the girl child is also a human being.  She too has the emotions and feelings which must be valued and respected by them and others too.  They must be given equal upbringing and equal rights without doing any partiality or bias.  Both should be taught right from the beginning to respect and appreciate the opposite sex.  So if it is clear to the parents only then they would be able to teach their children, especially boys, the right teachings as how to treat and behave with the opposite sex.  Moreover, moral ethics and principals have to be taught by the parents equally to both the male and a female child, right from their childhood.  However, Schools can also take up the charge in changing the thinking pattern of our youngsters.  The knowledge of Spirituality also helps in changing the outlook of people.  One more major aspect, before a boy gets married, he has to clear with himself that his wife is going to be a part of his family now-onwards and she deserves the equal amount of love and respect as he is getting from his family and it is his duty to stand by her in all the phases of life as an ideal husband.  Although, every mother/mother-in-law, plays a very vital role either in upliftment or to crush down the morale of her daughter/daughter-in-law in our society.  So, if we womenhood stands by each other, we too can help in the empowerment of women.  Therefore, until and unless mind set of people, most importantly, men and parents, won’t change nothing will change for the betterment of Women.  It it clearly understood that we can’t change the past but if we build a strong and positive foundation in the little and innocent minds of our children then there is no way for any discrimination or any type of crime or violence to occur in our society in future.  The true essence of education approaches only when we start treating everyone with love, respect, compassion and moreover when we start empowering each other.  Therefore, the women empowerment is possible only if Womenhood are being treated well and if they are being given the equal powers and rights as men are getting in our Society and it all starts from our homes.  This is the only way, where a woman gets empowered otherwise it would remain a dream of every woman.

I would like to conclude here by stating a very beautiful fact that women are not equal but are far better than men because they have the power to give birth and nurture the men who later claims to be the powerful being in the world.  Also, it is equally true that a man becomes successful only because of the sacrifice and contribution of two women in his life; one is his mother, who looks after him till he is married and second is his wife, who takes care of him throughout his entire life.  Therefore, it is rightly said that behind every successful man is a woman.  Similarly, if a woman is being offered the love, care and support of her family, especially, of her parents and her husband, then nothing can stop her to chase her dreams to excel in her professional career and to set an example by becoming a successful and empowered woman.

If you perceived any value and worth in my write-up for the noble cause of “Women Empowerment” and you want to get it implemented for the betterment of Womenhood and Society as a whole, then do circulate this blog in your circle to spread awareness among people.  Your little efforts can help to change the dimension of our Society in the right direction.  Also, please don’t forget to leave your valuable feedback in the comment box below.  Thank you for being so patient while going through this Article.